Sunday, November 18, 2007

My Wish List

When I was a kid I would make the longest wish lists. I'd sit there flipping through the Wishbook and writing down everything. How selfish of me! What was I thinking!?!? This year my list is pretty small. Part of me doesn't even want a list. I've got an abundance of things, what more could I ask for? Especially when I know that there are children in Liberia (and all over the world) in such dire need of love, food and family. Oh, and lets not forget the fact that I flew home...

1. I love this T-shirt.
2. I'd love the latest CD by Serene & Pearl.
3. I have been wanting the CD 'Still Walking in the Light' by the African Children's Choir for some time now. I'd love the DVD too, but I'll settle with the CD for now.
4. There are a few Karen Kingsbury books that I don't have yet that I would love to add to my collection.
5. I'd also enjoy this book! I have read nothing but good reviews on it!
6. I'd love a gift card or some cash so I can buy some dress clothes. I'm realizing how I'm really lacking in this area and I'm sick of it.
7. Knit dish cloths. I really need to just get my knitting stuff out and do it myself;)

And then there are the things out of my control:
1. To have our 'referral' (child) by that point (to know who she is).
2. To be pregnant.

And I'd also like to do more. Sure, we give extra to Compassion (we have two Compassion children that we sponsor). We're even going to pick something out of the Samaritan's Purse Gift Catalog again this year. I'd like to help out with the military packages they're putting together at church for deployed families. But I still feel like there's something else I could do. Something more personal for somebody. I just want to give what I ca to bless others.

See Mom, I can keep a minimal list;) Guess I've grown up!


Choppzs said...

Wow your list sounds saintly compared to mine! lol

Perfume, clothes, pjs, earrings...etc etc.

Risa said...

We have done Operation Christmas Child the last few years and the kids love to pick out small toys and such to give to other children that won't have a Christmas like they have - not that THEY are going to have much this year but it always makes them feel good to be able to do something for other kids.

Mom said...

I would say 7 is small by far. I remember I would get you most of what was on your list too! I don't so much anymore since you have a husband that will be giving your gifts as well. Love you.

Jodie said...

That is a super cute t-shirt. I hope someone gets it for you!!

Amie said...

That's what the t-shirt says...cute!

That Samaritan's purse catalog is so cool. I love the things you can give to people.