Wednesday, November 07, 2007

To poke or not?

Tomorrow Zach will be taking the kiddos to get updated on their shots (again) while I get my hair cut. While talking about it I told him I really didn't want them to get the flu shot. He began to question me on why not (but was joking, I guess). He has to get it for work. I've never had it, nor have the kiddos and we've all been reasonably healthy (sometimes I like to think more so than those who get it). Then again, we're not out and about in all those public places where the germs multiply- daycare centers, public schools, etc. I go a little crazy when we go to Wal-Mart, explaining not to put their hands by their faces and as soon as we're in the car they're being offered hand sanitizer. Sometimes I'm even leery going to church because of the germs that spread throughout the children. Anyway, I looked up some information on the flu shot.

I am not big on vaccines and all as it is. Well, I cam across this article by Mary Starrett.

Take the flu vaccine. You're being encouraged by your doctor, the media and the federal government through all points "sky is falling" flu news bulletins to get a flu shot- a chemical mash including formaldehyde, aluminum and mercury cultivated on chicken embryos. The animal byproducts in vaccines carry the risk of viral contamination. Vaccine companies cannot guarantee the purity of animal cells used in vaccine culture.
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny cites research done by an immunogeneticist named Hugh Fudenburgh who's been studying the flu vaccines and reports that if someone has five consecutive flu shots his or her chances of getting Alzheimer's disease is ten times higher.
FluMist, a live-virus nasal vaccine is being pushed in a $25 million dollar ad campaign. You may have seen the tv commercials for FluMist. Oddly, the very same symptoms the vaccine is supposed to prevent are mentioned as side effects of taking the highly contagious vaccine. The package insert warns recipients to "avoid close contact with immunocompromised individuals for 21 days". The number of those considered "immunocompromised" is huge-people on steroids, cancer drugs, folks with eczema, who've had organ transplants or who have HIV are considered at risk. I think it's safe to say that shooting a foreign substance into your nose can usually elicit a sneezing response…the very response that could serve to spread the LIVE VIRUS that is contained in FluMist.

Could this be a self-fulfilling prophecy? No wonder they're predicting a worse than usual flu season!
Brilliant marketing I say- just make people think they can't get something and they'll line up for hours to get a toxic fluid shot into their arms that DOESN"T EVEN CONTAIN THE VIRUS THAT"S GOING AROUND! That's right. This year's vaccine doesn't completely match the virus that's supposedly going to make this a record-breaking flu season.
Each year between 20,000 and 40,000 people die from "flu-related" illness. These are people who are already immunocompromised. In other words, they're sick already, even if they're not showing symptoms. It is disingenuous to attribute all these deaths to the "flu".

One more informative article is here.
I'm not saying that you shouldn't get the shot. That is up to each person/family. But as for us, we will not be giving this to our children!


Amie said...

When you have a child and spouse with asthma, you see it a little different.

Angie said...

Our kids all have their immunizations, but I have not ever had them get the flu shot. Nick gets it for work and last year Keesler literally made him take the nasal one....he was so sick afterwards. I have gotten the flu shot one time and I got the worst case of the flu immediately from it.

Nick says I am 'hippyish' in the fact that I don't take medicine too often. I am a true believer in your body needs to fight off certain things.

We have all already had our cold for the season. I just use common sense when we go places during this cold & flu season.

Not all germs are bad, some actually help build your immune system.

Aduladi' said...

I will not get one nor will my kids. It just makes me too nervous to shoot them up year after year with all the "extras" in the shot.

I also have to rely on the One who created me. I also believe He gave knowledge to the medical community, but He made my body perfectly capable of policing itself and like the commenter above, Angie said, I don't like covering up the symptoms I get and take a lot of medicines. My body needs to work somethings out on its own.

It's a hard decision to have to make, but I really think you made the correct one. Especially since everyone else seems to view your decision as if you were a freak of nature!

razorbackmama said...

*If* we had some sort of respiratory issue in our family we might consider it. But since we don't, we don't get it. When dh was Army he had to get it, and man oh man, he got the flu BAD every year he was in the Army. The kids and I would not. He has been a lot healthier since he quit getting it, too.

DDK23 said...

I have been directly involved in making a vaccine, so its hard for me to jump on the anti-vac bandwagon. Only because the particular vaccine I made had/has LOTS of controversy surronding it. Most of the information about it was fabricated. I was well aware of what went into it (since I actually was the one adding it) however I would see misinformation run rampant. HOWEVER.......I just don't get the whole flu vaccine hoopla. Part of me thinks its these companies using the media as a cheap source of marketing. I understand if you are in a compromised state you would want it and frankly this year being pregnant and having to keep my house perfect for showings I may get it. However for healthy individuals who don't normally get the flu or if they do don't get a bad case of it, why bother? I can totally understand your position, your kids are at home with you. The steps you take are probably more effective than a vaccine and there probably is no benefit to your family. It is all just a case by case basis I guess.

Risa said...

We decided to get it too this year, for the same reason as Amie. When your child has asthma it's harder for them to get over things like the flu or even just a common cold. I am pron to sinus infections and get one almost every time I get a cold. We literally can't afford to get sick because we can't afford dr's office visits or medication since we don't have insurance. And Bob can't miss school because it's regulated by the FAA and if he misses any instruction time it has to be PAID for and made up at the end of the year. So we figured a little prevention wouldn't hurt any of us.

I also push "hanatizer" as the kids call it when we get to the car after being in public places. And I agree with even having a hard time taking them to church at times because of hearing that the stomach flu or some other bug is going around...I HATE seeing my kids sick and try to keep them healthy at all costs.

Rogie said...

I dont think it's wrong to skip the flu vaccination, but you do have to remember that for every website saying that they are full of deadly chemicals, there are ten more who state the exact opposite. There is NO thimerosal in Flumist, and there is .01% of it in the one they give to children. The shot for children over 36 months old also is preservative free. Dont go by every generalized statement you read.

It is great to be informed though, and be able to make the choice.

The flu vaccine takes up to two weeks to develop the antibodies in your body, so if you get the flu in that time it is not because of the shot. The shot itself is INACTIVE LIVE. That means the shot is made with a live virus that has been inactivated.

Yes, there are risks in everything, and we could all die at any time from anything including getting into the car and driving to church. The flu shot is not some disgusting horrible conspiratory chemical warfare on our bodies though. Many infants and elderly have been saved from death or long and costly illnesses with the vaccine. If you are going to bash against vaccines, then you should not be watching television, eating any food with preservatives, MSG, or other unpronouncable chemicals on it such as in candy with red dye and whatnot.

I dont get it myself, because I am not at high risk for flu, but I hate when people act like vaccines are a money making conspiracy by the government to kill us all. I also dont like the way people's way of stating things makes those of us with high-risks or children at a high-risk who choose to vaccinate look like we are stupid drones who put our children at risk.

There is more thimerosal excreted from a flourescent lightbulb than in a flu vaccine. :)

Just make sure you all wash your hands frequently and maintain healthy rest and diet.

Blessings, Peace of the Lord, and may God grant us all good health this season.

(BTW, I happened to come across your blog when I did a search, and I want to say your babies are adorable - looking forward to reading more)

Christine said...

Knowing a man who got Guillain-Barre Syndrome from the flu shot, made my dear Hubby decide that neither he, nor I, nor any of our children will ever get the flu shot. It paralyzed one whole side of this man's body and his doctor agreed that it is caused by the flu shot. The syndrome makes your immune system attack your nervous system.I will take my chances with getting the flu rather than Guillain Barre. But as you said, it is important that parents make their own decisions regarding shots. Blessings, dear friend.

Rogie said...

Our personal experiences or the experiences of those we know definately drive our opinions of things. Just as how I view cosleeping with newborns as a risk not worth taking just for the benefit of not having to get up because I am a firefighter medic who has had to pronounce more babies than I have fingers from being smothered in bed with their parents.

I do agree that there are certain risks associated with ANY unnatural thing we put in our bodies. If you have ever had the antibiotic Zithromax for a minor infection you were taking a risk at getting Guillan-barre.

I think my point was just that I didnt like the way that lady said what she did. She doesnt have to make it seem like those of us who have children with asthma and chronic bronchitis who are at risk of dying if they get a harsh strain of the flu are purposely harming our children, know what I mean? I should have just said "I dont like how she said that!" HAHA!!!

Id love to live a completely natural and chemical free life. I cant wait for the day to meet with my Savior to be able to do live that way - free. However, we live in a chemical world that has almost forced us to be injected with these substances unless we plan on staying in our homes and not having the kinds of jobs that some of us's sad, really.

Hmm...I should get a blog of my own. This is quite addicting.

Christine said...

I am just stating why we made the choice we made. It is very hard in this sin tainted world to make choices. Almost everything seems to have a repercussion. I wholeheartedly agree that only in heaven will we be safe from anything harmful. Bless you. I am sorry if I came on too strong, just sharing my point of view. Blessings!