Sunday, November 04, 2007

There's a first for everything

You would think after 30 years that you wouldn't do it. But then one Sunday morning you awake and get ready for church just like every other Sunday. You sit at the computer to eat your cereal and somehow the clock on the computer stands out big and taunting. 7:20 am.

7:20 am? WHAT???? Oh no, last night was 'fall back'. We forgot to set our clocks back! That's the first time that has ever happened. But I kind of like it. I have time to blog;)


Risa said...

I did the same thing this morning except we didn't realize it until we got to church and we were on time for Sunday School - we didn't even plan on going! I've never forgotten about it either!

Amie said...

I was in the lobby with Sadie during church and noticed a few people show up an hour early for the second service.