Saturday, September 26, 2009

ho hum

I'm not into jewelry. Did I mention that when I mentioned I was going to a jewelry party? I see it on other's and it looks so cute, but it's just not me. I have my 'special' items that hold meaning that I wear sometimes. Who with a 1 year old can wear a necklace without fearing it be yanked off? So, I felt kind of bad at that party because I knew I wasn't going to buy anything. I think the cheapest thing was $18! There sure were some pretty pieces of jewelry but it's just not me. I did have fun visiting with my friend though, and meeting some of her other friends!

Last night I made the BEST pizza. I will share the recipe when I get a minute to type it up. It's called Santa Fe Pizza. As I was making it I kept wondering if it would turn out good. It looked good in the picture, but I kept doubting. Then I was wondering how my kids would like it- they LOVED it! Woohoo!

We were going to take advantage of the Free Museum Day today and go to Living History Farms but it rained pretty much all night and I figured it'd be wet. The weather this morning didn't look too promising either. So I mentioned maybe we could go bowling or to America's Incredible Pizza or go on a date later. All of my ideas were met with silence (does that ever happen in your house). It's a Saturday- I was hoping to go out and do something fun as a family today! Especially after my crazy school week! So, I went and got my hair cut right away. With layers you really have to keep up with hair and mine was long overdo. I like it, but apparently it's "too short". Zach doesn't like short hair, but I have to wear the hair. Now that I'm getting 'up there' in age I am not sure how feasible it is for me to have long hair...

Anyway, I got home wondering if maybe some sort of plan would develop. I knew a couple of my friend's and their families were coming 'down'. They mentioned going to lunch. So, Chatterbox, Sweet Pea and I went to Old Chicago Pizza with them. Yum, it was good. And nice to chat and visit with my friends. But it stunk that my whole family didn't come along (Zach stayed home and did homework). That's the thing lately...weekends are spent with homework and football. Gotta love football season!

Anyway, I've just been laying around with Sweet Pea, who's been napping for awhile. Chatterbox and I did her book 'Growing Little Women', the boys have been playing with new Bionicles (Zach took them out to the store to get them when I was gone). I'm really frustrated. I guess I have been a lot this week...thanks to 'mother nature'. Pretty soon winter will set in and I know we'll really be cooped up so I was hoping to get out. I guess we do save some money this way, but I had pretty much coupons for everything I wanted to do. Blah, blah, blah...ho hum dee dum. Life goes on. I'm so sleepy from just laying around. I've been reading but that makes me even sleepier.

Well I imagine SP won't sleep for much longer since everybody just came back down into the room. Sorry for the complaining email...I guess I just needed to vent a bit. Sometimes weekends seem way more cracked up than they really are I guess.


Kim said...

Sorry to hear your weekend bummed you out. I tend to not like weekends either,just for the fact they seem boring and nothing ever hardly to do. Well at least you got your hair cut(any pics?) and had a good time w/ your friends.

Christine said...

I am not much of a jewelry person either, it isn't very practical for me. ;)

I am OK said...

Our weekends are the same. C and I go out and do all sorts of things and S misses out doing homework. This weekend C and I are going to see the two Toy Story Movies. Now that should be fun!