Friday, September 04, 2009

updates on prayer requests

From my cousin Sherry:

We heard from Paul's doctor today regarding the tonsil biopsy, and it was positive!! That's what we were hoping for because now we have a point of origin, which will make treatment easier for the doctors because they can pinpoint the spot of origin instead of covering a large area and hoping they get it all. Paul is supposed to have his teeth pulled tomorrow but now the girl in the dentist office said that the Dr. needs to look at his wisdom teeth to see if he can pull them:( I sure hope he doesn't back out now because Marquette wanted this all done last week already but the dentist was out of town. If he says he can't do it, I am going to give him the name and number of our doctor in Marquette and ask him to talk to him ~ that's what our doctor told us to do. I sure hope all goes as scheduled. I also can't believe we are going through this ~ I'm not sure that it has sunk into my brain yet.

In regards to my friend:

Please keep praying. His heart still has not turned back to the Lord or his family. Jenn hasn't gained any weight, but the baby is okay right now. Their 4 year old daughter doesn't know what's going on, exactly, but she's greatly impacted by it all, so pray for her. Pray for Jenn to have peace and that the Lord guides her steps in this whole process.


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Kim said...

Prayers to you, your family and friend.