Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today was a busy day! I decided we're not going to get back into school until Monday. I feel like we ahven't done it for forever now, but why do just one or two days? I'm certainly not even prepared much less ready to jump in again! So, what did we do today?

First we went to a FREE morning of bowling and pizza. A local bowling alley wants to start a homeschool bowling league. They also gave us free pizza, which was only two small pieces per person, but it WAS free. The kids had fun bowling and it was nice to meet other homeschoolers!

Afterwards we went to a friend's house. There were 14 kids there but you'd never have known it! I was thinking it'd be utter chaos but it wasn't at all! I love days like that! It was great visiting with friends again!

We tehn went to Homeschool Kickball. Ever since Zach returned from Mississippi they've been in the backyard pretty much every day playing kickball. Some lady from a homeschool group set up kickball. There were so many people there! It was cool. They broke off into boys and girls teams so I didn't get to see Chatterbox play (I'll get to that). The boys were more intersted in the DUSTY dirt and werne't paying attention to when their team went in the field vs. up to kcik! I think they each only got to kcick once, maybe twice. Booty Shaker was one of the smallest boys there, but he did pretty good (he did get out though). Even Junior Squirrel did great! The reason I didn't get to see Chatterbox play was because two boys collided and were pretty hurt. The one had glasses and was bleeding real bad, apparently it was quite a deep cut. Thankfully his dad was tehre (I don't know why but something reassures me more with a dad being there) and after having him lie still awhile he took him to the hospital. Poor kid:(

I made a coupel of new recipes tonight. Calypso Chicken and Italian Potatoes. The potatoes were cheesy with bacon bits- yum! The chicken was real good too. I can't quite place my finger one what 'type' of cuisine it was! Not Mexican but not Chinesse;) It was with black beans and rice and pineapples. Yum!

It is so good to be home. Tomrorow morning we're going to the park with some friends and then I plan on STAYING HOME in the afternoon!

Sweet Pea has an ear infection. Poor gal. She seems to be getting better since I have her on anti-biotics though. She sure is cruising around furniture now! Getting braver too! She's also cutting a molar and I don't think I've ever seen gums that swollen- I feel so bad for her! Today at teh bowlign alley she put her arms around my necek and hugged me for like 5 minuts. It was soooo sweet.

Oh I got a new phone yesterday. I am pleased with it so far. It's the one I've been wanting for awhile. My other one wouldn't even charge all the time anymore! Now it's SP's and she loves being able to freely chew on it! I opened it up earlier and it was just covered in slobber! YUCK!


Kim said...

Well you can count that as a PE class for homeschool, so you did school after Your dinner sounded yummy. Maybe the chicken was like some mediteranean (SP) chicken w/pineapple and black beans,but who knows I'm no food expert sounds good though. Poor SP glad she is getting better. Maybe she got that ear infection from teething. DOnt know if there is any truth to it but heard teething and ear infections can somehow go hand in hand. cool what kind of phone did you get. ANnother thing I heard if you don't let your phone battery go all the way down before charging it, it will kill your battery life much quicker, then wont stay charged very long, also heard car charger are really bad for cell phone batteries. Just some info our cell phone salesperson told us

Darlene said...

Good to know about the car charger as I didn't get one for my new phone. I don't think I will, just haul the outlet charger with me!