Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday's thoughts

I can't help but think today and wonder how my cousin's husband, Paul, is doing. I believe he was supposed to start his treatment yesterday. Today they weigh really heavy on my mind. Praying for you guys Sherry!!! I pray GOOD comes out of it all!

I'm feeling sooooooooo much better. I don't know if I had like a 24 hour flu bug or what. Sunday evening I started perking up and by Monday morning no more headache or sore throat! I now have a runny nose and a bit of a cough but I'll take that any day over how I felt! Since I felt better I was able to do school yesterday. We had a really good day. In history we learned about Masada. What a sad, sad story, I honestly don't remember ever hearing about it before, though I've heard OF it. Then Junior Squirrel went and built the fortress out of Lego's. Those boys sure are creative with those Lego's! I think we should get rid of all their other toys- all they need is their Lego's and Bionicles!

Today we finished school before lunch! Sweet Pea woke up before 7 this morning and Booty Shaker was already in my bed (I have no idea when he crawled in, I was dead to the world). Then JS came in there, even before Zach left. I finally did get SP back to sleep but by then Chatterbox came in, so I sent the kids out. I then hopped in the shower and had CB lay with SP. So it wasn't even 8:30 am I was was all ready for the day! Amazing! I'm still surprised we finished school so quickly today. Good thing, as I'm gaining two extra kiddos while my friend goes house hunting. It will be fun for the kids to have their friends here. I really pray Sadie finds a house suitable for their family today!

I can't get over how big SP is getting! She just crawled to her 'bike', looked at me, smiled and then climbed onto it! She's such a doll. It really amazes me how much we can love these kids and still have enough love for them! You know, when your pregnant with your second child you wonder how you could love that one as much as you love that first? It's just amazing! And to think God's love outnumbers any amount we could ever have for our children! And to see these little accomplishments they make as babies & toddlers. For some reason it just never gets old. Like, I've seen 3 of my children already do this or that and then I see SP doing it and it excites me like nothing else! It's just so cool and amazing (and I hope it makes sense what I'm trying to say).

Ok, I'm off as C & A should be here soon. We're going to Olive Garden for dinner for the 'All You Can Eat Pasta'! Yum, yum!

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Kim said...

I really hate getting up early for school everyday but then again really like it because I get all my house work done early. My kids still amaze me too. I totally understand what you mean by how it never gets old. OOooohhh Im jealous Olive garden tonight. Yum guess I'll just have to settle for these stuff shells I'm making.