Sunday, September 20, 2009

sunday, sunday

I'm enjoying my last day of 'vacation' before we really get back into school now! I feel like we've had so much time off. It's so hard to get back into school but at the same time I am excited. I looked at our history for the next couple of weeks and there are some fun projects to do. Science is fun too. I'm excited to see how well Booty Shaker does with learning to read more. I really hope it all goes smoothly.

I'm not that into facebook lately and really its a huge blessing. I've been enjoying reading again. I get so tired of some of the garbage people post on there. And I would waste so much time! I didn't want to yet I would just sit there engrossed in it all. I hope my fascination for it has waned some so that I can focus on more important things, like my blog. Haha, just kidding- like my family!

My thoughts have left me as my neighbor stopped by so Chatterbox could play with her girls. It is so nice to have so many girls in the neighborhood for CB to play with. There are at least 5 girls all about the same age!

Tomorrow night I'm going to go to a meeting for a Book Club. Some lady in my homeschool group posted about it. Since I enjoy reading I thought that would be fun and it'd be great to get to know some other ladies. Thinking on this got me really thinking about myself. I can't believe that I'd go to a 'meeting' where I don't know anybody. I used to be so super shy, especially back in high school. I guess when I'm in my 'own' element, more among people I know are 'like-minded' I feel more comfortable than I do if I'm out of my element where people may be totally different than me, if that makes sense.


Kim said...

Have a fun school week :)
I know what you mean about being shy. I use to be super shy too,but found myself to have came out of that shell. I don't but for me I think having kids did something w/ it.

Becca said...

Yeah for you on the book club! I can relate. Good luck with your school year. I hear ya on is a serious waste of time... :)