Thursday, September 24, 2009

hmmm, yeah

Today we finished school 'fairly' early. Chatterbox was done before lunch. I think Booty Shaker was too. Well, we all did science last, but I'm talking about their own bookwork. I remember last year really struggling with Junior Squirrel. It is a struggle once again. He doesn't like any of his school work. CB doesn't complain about hers, she begins it as soon as she possibly can, knowing that she'll then be done sooner. BS is so eager to do his math and phonics, he could do many, many pages a day. But JS is just another story. Today I even gave him a choice of what he wanted to do first and he still complained. I find I have to sit with him through just about everything in order that it gets done in a 'timely' fashion, and even then it's not really done. I don't know if I just should set a time and if he's not done then he'll have to do it in the evening when other's play or what. I'm not really sure that would work either. Either it wouldn't be reinforced or he'd have even more of an attitude doing it that it would take 10 times longer. It is very frustrating for the both of us, day in and day out. I have to be honest that there are days where I just wish I could send him away on the little yellow bus and have somebody else deal with it, but I know that would solve nothing. So please pray for JS and I as we try to find a way to make his work fun and enjoyable and that we can get it done efficiently. It really isn't going to be feasible for me to sit next to him every single day for every single thing that he does and at this point that's pretty much what I am doing.

I had to take the dog today to get her *glands* cleaned out again. Now her butt looks all greasy so she's banned to either her kennel or outside. I certainly wish those glands wouldn't get 'backed up'.

On a better note, I am really enjoying my library book! I'm reading this book and it captured me from the very first page. We're reading it for our 'book group' that I joined so I thought I'd just get it. I admit at first I thought it sounded really dumb and was hesitant to read it. I'm only on page 34 but already immensely enjoying it. I see there's a series of them so I guess I know I'll have something to read for awhile!

Right now Sweet Pea is upstairs playing with CB and the boys are watching a Bionicle movie. It is so nice not having SP at my feet whining! She really enjoys playing with her big sister!

Oh and tonight I'm going to a jewelry party. I really didn't want to go at first. I'm not all that into jewelry, especially a party, but I know my friend really wanted me to go and it will be nice to get out for a couple of hours. I was going to leave SP home but Zach just called saying he may take the kids to the movie so I may have to take her...we shall see. Maybe I can convince him to stay home. :)


DDK23 said...

Sending JS on a bus definitely wouldn't solve the problem. It may just be worse. I am sure there is no "right" answer, it seems like you are going with your instincts which is going to work. Of course I send Daniel on a the situation is different.

Oh the glands...those wonderful glands on doggies. Belle seems to have grown out of having them expressed. But she did have a problem for a while. Hopefully Daisy will grow out of it too.

That book does look good. I will have to add it to my bookswap list.....which I think I read about first on your blog...THANK You! One of the best sites EVER. I have so many books to be read now!

Kim said...

Hang in there w/ JS. I think it's just boys in general. My kids are the same way w/homework. What is this gland thing you are talking about.Never heard of it.Is it just for female dogs? If so tell me so I can know what to look for if my puppy needs that done too.Glad you found a really enjoyable book to read finally. I was invited to a jewelry party once before but never went because I'm not real big into jewelry either. I only wear my wedding ring, earrings, and diamond necklace everyday that Jess bought for me. I won't wear just anything.I wear those because he bought them for me and they are special to me. Let us know how the party went anyway.

Sherry said...
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Sherry said...

Hi Jamie,

What a mess I've made here, lol. I spelled a word wrong in my original post, so I deleted it and am re-posting here, but now it shows that I deleted the first one, lol. I thought I'd best explain so you don't wonder who did that!

Our dog had to have the "glands cleaned" too ~ I had never heard of it before but I mentioned to the vet that he was "scooting" when we first got him.

I am no expert with teaching children, but I did do daycare for many years, and had some school aged children so here are a few tricks that I learned:
1) Make a chart and let JS earn stickers for each day that he co-operates with his school work, or even for each subject to make it easier for him to earn rewards. At the end of the week, IF he has enough stickers, let him pick from a prize box ~ just little trinket stuff. I tried to put stuff in the box that was actually useful, lol.
2) Put the homework assignments in a hat, along with one "fun" project, and let JS pick one thing at a time from the hat, and he works on each assignment as he picks it from the hat.
3) Sit with JS and read the directions aloud to him, then have him use his own words to confirm that he understands what he needs to do. Set a timer for say 5 minutes. Tell him that he needs to work on the assignment by himself, but when the timer goes off you will come to see how he is doing, help if he needs it, then set the timer again. As time goes on, add more minutes to the timer, and so on.
4) Let JS take a five minute break between each assignment ~ set the timer so he knows when it's time to get back to work.

I'm big on timers, even with Darci's girls. They just take turns and co-operate so much better for some reason when I set a timer.

Sorry this is so long ~ maybe I should've emailed. Anyway, I hope something here is helpful to you:)