Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good times & Bad

Yesterday I went to the doctor. I thought I had a bladder infection but it came back negative. That's a good thing but I wonder why I've been feeling the way I have. I took all 4 kids with me. They were really good and were actually quite funny. They each got rubber gloves and were pretending they were doctors. Some of the things they said:

"Eat lots of macaroni and you won't get a disease."
"Your tongue is not balanced."
"Eat soft foods and make sure you don't get a disease and you'll jump up all the time" (and something about always peeing too).

I know there were other things but can't recall them now. The best thing I heard all day was Chatterbox, who asked, "Is that when you have to go and pee in a bucket?" That would be a LOT of pee, my dear!

It was a long day for me yesterday. I guess just trying to get back into the swing of school and all. I hate having appointments and such because I feel like it takes away from our school time. I just like to get school done and THEN go out and do things but that hasn't been happening and I guess that's just life. I had attitude issues with CB yesterday but then saw she'd written me a note saying she was sorry and that she just finished praying to God. Too sweet. Sweet Pea wouldn't take a nap hardly at all and so that was a bit frustrating. By the time 8 o'clock rolled around I was in dire need of the kids to be in bed. But they were not, so I went up to try to put SP to bed but then got followed up by all the rest. I have no idea what time they finally did get to bed but by that point I was like a bear and not a happy mama. I swear it's about 'that' time of month! I just wanted some quiet (and to finish my book)! Thankfully it's a new day.

Yesterday I also had some catastrophes in the kitchen. First, I was 'cooking' tomatoes and had to crush them. Oh boy, tomato 'juice' everywhere. I guess I should start wearing my apron! Then I was trying to pour Parmesan cheese and it wouldn't budge, so I closed it and starting tapping it upside down. Well all of a sudden there's Parmesan flying EVERYWHERE! Oh boy! It was NOT my night to cook! I was going to take a break today because we have a lot of leftovers, but having just ate some for lunch there's not as much. And I do have chicken in the fridge that I need to cook so I may make Chicken Pot Pie tonight. Zach has to get a filling today so I doubt he'll be able to eat but at least the kids and I will have something to eat.

Some 'bad' things that have happened lately. My cousin, Sherry, (the one who's husband has cancer) has yet another family catastrophe. Her husbands family has been through SO MUCH. Now her sister-in-law's house burnt down and is a total loss. This is the same woman who husband died a few years ago in a snowmobile (I think) accident. Please, please keep them in your prayers. Speaking of Sherry, Paul starts treatments next week and I know they'd appreciate prayers.

My mom called me this morning saying she had 'news'. Their plant is closing down. She was crying a bit, I think. How devastating. It's like the whole state of Michigan is closing down. They've already laid off many people throughout the past year and now this. My mom isn't worried, though, I don't think. She said now she'll get to stay home! I'd say maybe she'd visit more but being that she won't have an income I doubt that.

My friend, Jenn, is still going through some horrible times and her husband still is pursuing divorce. He says that he's at a crossroads in his faith and it sounds like he's not sure what he believes anymore. Please pray for him and their entire family.


Kim said...

SO are you having burning sensation or what? If the test was neg did they give you any other explanation? How funny what your kids were saying, especially about mac and cheese. Your kitchen problems sound like mine sometimes. Isn't it weird too how once one thing happens, then a bunch of things seem to happen too. How devastating for your cousin's family,prayers for them, and your friends husband too.Pray God changes his heart. How horrible about your mom's job. That's horrible about everything getting shut down in MI.Well hope you have a great day, at least a better one than yesterday

Amie said...

I can't believe that about Terex! That's awful. Of course you know Tina works there too.