Monday, October 05, 2009

I am PooPed

Boy am I tired. Too much fun the past few days!

Friday after dinner we went out bowling. Holy smokes, it ain't cheap, my friends! I had two coupons so two people got one game each free. We all played two games. Walked out paying $50. Highway robbery I tell ya. And they had the nerve to say, "We're the cheapest place around." Well, I wonder why. It certainly wasn't the nicest bowling alley I've been to. The bumpers weren't automatic so Zach and I had to bowl with bumpers. Next time we'll go to the nice places the kids and I had gone to for free homeschool bowling. Zach and I tied the first game and the second one I did awful. We sure had fun though. Zach got them the first Indiana Jones movie when we came home and the kids had a sleepover on the hide-a-bed. Well, besides Booty Shaker. He came and had a sleepover with Mom, Dad & his baby sister.

Saturday I went shopping in the morning. Junior Squirrel needed some jeans that didn't have holes in the knees. I needed some new shoes, which I still haven't gotten to wear yet! I found some deals and opened a Kohl's account (it was 30% off if you opened one, I couldn't beat that). I came home and we hung out at home for awhile. Then we went off to the free pumpkin patch that I'd taken the kids to last year. It was quite muddy and boy were our shoes a mess, but it was so much fun. I just didn't care. Normally I'm so anal about things like that, I admit, but that time I was like, "Who cares if you get dirty, just have fun." It was mostly the hay maze that was so muddy and I didn't go in. Chatterbox's and BS's shoe came off from the mud! Crazy! We bought a few pumpkins and such and had lots of fun. I made Cheese & Tamale Pie for dinner that night. Yummy. Zach and I played a couple of games after the kids went to bed and that was fun.

Sunday we went to church and didn't do much more. Zach watched football and worked on homework and I went in the basement and went through the toys- I have such a huge pile of things to get rid of now! Now to only get rid of it all... I hate that stores no longer take kids toys because some of those things I don't just want to throw away, ya know. I put stuff on freecycle and hopefully I can get rid of it quickly. Some items I do want to try to sell though. I love seeing the results of a clean basement!

Today the kids and I went to the Apple Orchard. I set up a tour and I'm so glad I did and got a group together! It was cheaper plus you got to do so much more. We got a hayride (without hay?), got to pick 2 apples each (it was cool using the apple picker to do so), got some learning time (about the seasons and different things that happen with the apples during the seasons), got to see them sort the apples and hear them talk about how that works, got to see the huge 'fridge' they're stored in (it smelled wonderful in there). Then they had this corn pool. It was seriously as big as a huge swimming pool. The kids had so much fun in there and us mom's got to relax a bit and talk. Then they went on a jumping pillow which was like an inflatable, in ground trampoline. Next we saw the one-room schoolhouse, the 3 Little Pigs houses and some animals. It was so much fun. We spent 4 hours there! I was exhausted when I got home! I'm so tired and I'm going to try to go to bed early tonight. Sweet Pea wouldn't nap the whole time there but as soon as we got in the car she was out cold! Poor girl. I have yet to eat one of my apples. I probably should snack on one of those rather than the Oreo's that are calling my name.

Speaking of Oreo's, they now make Cool Mint ones. Oh man, they remind me of Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. They're delicious and dangerous:0. Tomorrow it's back to normal school even though I'm not at all ready for it this week. Good thing tomorrow doesn't require much planning!


Sherry said...

Sounds like a fun day at the pumpkin farm! I can't wait until later this week ~ I'm taking the girls out to my brother's to pick their pumpkins from his garden. He found a way to put the girls' names right on the pumpkins, so as they grew, so did the names. I havent seen them yet but he says it looks like the names are written right on the pumkins. I'll send pictures when we get them, if I can figure out how to do it, lol.

Kim said...

It is ridiculous what it cost for a family to have a night out. Ohh the apple orchard sounded so fun. I cant wait to go to the pumpkin patch here if the weather stays nice(suppose to snow tomorrow) I havent had cool mint oreos but they sure sound good.

I am OK said...

Whoa. So much activity, sounds like a bundle of family time. We did the apple thing early this year becuase over the past few we've had slim pickings. This year it was almost too HOT. LOL - we just can't time it right. :P)

Bowling prices are crazy. On Bolling AFB they use to do this homeschool day once a month where it was 1.00 a sting and then suddenly they nixed it and now it is like 2.50. Which is still lower than town, but it adds up really quick. I just glad we have our own shoes "P)

Angie said...

Awww!! Gotta love the mud suckin' the shoes right off ya! You sound wonderful :)
Love ya!