Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday's Thoughts

I've been itching to paint. Yesterday I picked up some paint samples. I'm very tired of my drab, dirty walls. The thing is I don't want to do it. I'd much rather pay somebody. I wonder how much they charge?

The dog had poop stuck on her butt. She was either outside or locked in her cage for like 24 hours until it got taken care of. I don't even feel bad for her. Time for her to get groomed! I have enough of issues with my kids that I really don't need to be dealing with poopy butted dogs.

My stomach has been hurting off and on for a few days. Sometimes it feels like cramps but other times it just hurts. Frustrating. I didn't even drink my normal can of pop today because I just don't want it to hurt any more! AND I drank some juice (I never drink juice).

I must admit that I have a tiny bit of fear of the stupid pig flu. More so because I read a link somebody had posted on facebook about the flu mist and how people who get it are contagious for like 21 days. So, I could be in the store or at church and be getting exposed because somebody got that stupid thing! I hate flu shots. You won't catch me getting one. Nor my children. So I'm really trying to be aware of germs and such lately. Of course I also know God is in control and trust in Him, but I can't help but have a tiny nagging fear.

Why is it already this cold? Brrrr. Although today it was in the high 40s and it felt warmer to me than I thought it would. Am I already getting used to these cooler temps? Of course, at least we don't have snow like back home!

I know there was other things I wanted to say but Junior Squirrel wants to read to me and then I'm going to play Clue with Chatterbox. So, this'll have to suffice for now:)

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Kim said...

You should paint, it will really change your mood since your in your house all the time and w/ the cool temps setting. I really wish I could paint. These walls show so much dirt but after having to repaint our last house when we moved, it was just way too much work. That stinks about your dogs butt. I bet that is real gross to deal with. I am the same way that stupid swine flu. I know I trust in the lord too, but there is always that stupid devil that tries to put fear in you. Ive been real anal about going to the stores and wiping the carts off w/ disinfectant wipes too and they still catch stuff.