Thursday, October 08, 2009

How I get distracted~

TWO DAYS AGO SWEET PEA TOOK HER FIRST STEPS!!! And I forgot to blog about it! Last night I was sitting at the kitchen table talking on the phone to my mom and I look over. There is my little SP TAKING STEPS! I have no idea how many the stinker actually took before I caught her. I probably scared her with my shrieking, "SHE'S WALKING AGAIN!!!!!" but I couldn't contain myself! My mom was telling me to get the camera ready, but of course if I'd gone to grab it then she wouldn't have walked again! Today I think she took just a couple here and there. Ohhh it is so exciting! My little baby is growing so much, the sweet thing. I look at her and think how much I love her and wonder how people can NOT want what I have! Then again I look at my older children who can disobey, talk back, etc and then it makes a little more sense:) Don't get me wrong I love them too, but they're just not as sweet as a baby!

Yesterday Zach had to drive to Offutt AFB. He took Chatterbox with him. So I only did a bit of school with the boys. Then we grabbed some Happy Meals, went to Kohl's, played the Wii and did some drawing and puzzle building. I was going to take them to the library but never did make it there.

I've got cabbage rolls cooking in the crockpot and I made bread in the bread machine last night. Ohhh did the house ever smell good when we went to bed! The kids and I ate some for lunch and boy is it good. I wasn't sure how it'd turn out since I only had all-purpose flour and pretty much every bread machine recipe calls for bread machine flour. I didn't know if it'd make a difference or not, but it didn't to me. It's the perfect day for using the crockpot....cold, wet and dreary. Oh and I heard the word snow today. Possibly for this weekend. That is just NOT right. It's weather like this that really makes me miss the south! But I do love spring and summer here! I'm just not a cold weather fan!


Kim said...

Yea! For SP. It is so exciting when they do things like that. Cabbage rolls and Bread sound good, Perfect for the weather. I made some Chili and a loaf of bread.This cold weather had me wanting chili or soup.

Anonymous said...

I love it when they start to walk!
They are so cute tumbling around!

Anonymous said...


Sherry said...

Kids are so cute when they learn to walk, but now comes the bumps and bruises phase, lol. Cabbage Rolls ~ YUM! I don't make them because I am the only one who likes them, but my sister in law brings me one when she makes them. It IS SNOWING in Michigan today ~ it's pretty but I'm not ready for it to stay just yet.

I am OK said...

Oh the world has another walker ... How sweet is that? I remember that same shrieking noise - I made it when C finally walked at 16 months LOL. For a really long and loud moment it is the only sound I could make :P)