Sunday, October 11, 2009


That's what this weekend consists of and it is wonderful! Yesterday I tried to sleep in bed longer. It was nice to have the whole bed to myself, wrapped up in my flannel sheets, but I could hear the excitement in the kid's voices downstairs, exclaiming over the fallen snow. I did not want to get out of bed and see that white stuff BUT it was rather exciting to hear their delight over it, so I managed to leave the comfy confines of my bed. Then I declared that I wasn't going to do a thing all day! We had leftovers for lunch and dinner and Zach took care of feeding the kids. I just laid around. I finished a book I'd started a day or two before. I played on the computer a bit. The kid's were great. Sweet Pea took two naps. The others played Lego's in the basement pretty much all day. They were to good that I ran to the grocery store and picked up some ice cream as a treat. Of course THEN they started to get hyper and crazy. I wanted to play a game with them but we couldn't really come up with one so we ended up playing 'hot potato'. I was in control of the music. Even Sweet Pea was throwing the ball around! It was so cute and she was getting so excited about it! Today for dinner we're going to get Pizza Hut. I have been craving it for a few days now.

Did I mention it is cold outside? Brrrr. On the way home from church it said only 36* on the suburban! Way too cold for October. Speaking of church, I recently discovered this song (I can't remember if I saw it posted on somebody's blog or on facebook or what). I've had it in my head lately and yesterday I downloaded it to my iPod. Guess what song was sung in church for the first time today??? THAT one! That isn't the first time I've had a song in my head, go to this church and they sing that very song! Such a cool GOD thing! Anyway, you can listen to the song here.

Speaking of cool God things, the benefit for my cousin's husband was yesterday. Remember me mentioning how he has cancer? Well, there was a benefit for them. My mom said they made like $5,000 on the ticket sales alone. I'm curious to see what the total is. We live in a small community and this just blows me away! I'm so glad people came out and pulled through to help them! God is good! I wish I'd been there to help in some way.

Well, my Sweet Pea just made a mess of all of Booty Shaker's kindergarten books so I better go clean up. I forgot what else I was going to tell you!


Kim said...

What a great day you had and a well deserved one. How awesome they raised so much money for him.

I am OK said...

I am super jelous of your day and your snow. I know it is early, but man I love snow - the first snow that is :P)

How cool they raised so much money just to start! Praise.