Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Small group at last?

Last night I received a phone call from somebody regarding small groups. I was out so asked that he contact Zach. Apparently Wednesday night is the night this particular group meets. So, tomorrow will be the day. I was trying to ask Zach questions but he was tired and wasn't too helpful but it sounded like they want you to find babysitters for your children. BUMMER! See, our small groups in North Carolina were perfect. We got to take our kids with us! Then they'd go off into a separate room and play (sometimes a teen watched them or one of us moms would go and keep an eye on things). Here in Iowa i don't know a lot of people babysitter wise. Our usual sitter has church on Wed. nights as I'm sure most Christian teens would. That doesn't leave a whole lot of options. Tonight I'm going to ask one of my friend/neighbors if she'd be willing to watch the older 3 tomorrow night and we'll take Sweet Pea, but I'm not sure what we'll do every week. BUT, the leader's wife requested to be my friend on facebook and I told her how we don't have family here and may not be able to find a sitter. From the sounds of it some of the people take their children there and they play in the basement that while. She said not to let it stop us from coming. Soooo....we'll see how it turns out. Now I'll be nervous until I meet them! I hate situations like that. I'm all fine and good when I know somebody but it's that initial meeting that kills me;) Although I guess I could get to "know" her through facebook. And we were always the 'younger' family but now it looks like we'll be the 'older' ones! It's so weird, I certainly don't feel 'old'!

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Kim said...

Thats cool someone contacted you guys. Im sure the kids will be fine, go enjoy some fellowship