Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas shopping in October

Yesterday I began Christmas shopping. It had to have been the earliest I've ever done so. It is easier this year because I have ideas what to get the kids. So, the boy's are pretty much done, I only need maybe one more thing for the baby and I have yet to find what I want for Chatterbox. But at least it's started! I went with friend's and we had a good time. We went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesday. That was the fanciest RT I've ever been in! RT makes me think of the times in North Carolina when our CARE group gals would get together for birthdays. Those were fun times and I sure do miss them.

After I came home I went out again to Kohl's and Wal-mart. I needed to find a winter coat for Junior Squirrel. How is it that a size 7 is like $50 yet a size 8 is like $80!?!?!? I bought the size 7 but its a bit too snug. I'd like it to fit awhile! So I guess I'll return it and try to look elsewhere. I should have picked up the nice one I'd found at Old Navy!

Last night after dinner and baths I played Clue with Chatterbox. That sure is her favorite game. Then the boys brought up a game and were playing next to us. Fun times!

I could not sleep last night. I was so tired so I went to bed after 9. Then I could not fall asleep. Probably the junk I ate and the pop I drank later at night. I swear I was probably up more than I slept. I'm not too tired yet but I bet come about 3 I will be. I had lots of time for thinking and had an idea. I think I want to host a "Game/Snack" night. Sounds like fun, huh? I ran it by Zach but he said, "You mean only one family, right?" He doesn't like a bunch of wild kids running around! It's crazy, when kids come over mine just go nuts! Especially the boys. You won't see the girls too much. But I'm thinking maybe if we can do Wii games or movies for the kids. I'll have to give it more thought. I was also thinking about progressive dinners. It'd be fun to do something like that.

We had church at home today. It was nice. We even had communion. I am getting a little annoyed that we STILL haven't been plugged into a small group at the church. What are they waiting for? Last week a guy told us that he talked to 'Abe' and that he'll get us into a group, that it shouldn't be 'too hard'. Ok, but WHEN? Next year? I loved our CARE group in NC and I'd love to have something like that here in Iowa.

Oh but speaking of church, this morning when we were singing Sweet Pea was just dancing away! It was just so cute and funny. I couldn't sing for I was laughing so hard and then I was crying from it because it was so cute and I was laughing so hard. She was holding on to the couch and like bending her legs and it just looked so funny the way she was moving her butt! Speaking of Sweet Pea, she took 4 STEPS in a row yesterday and ever since she's been so much braver and taking a little here and there on her own. I think my baby's growing up!


Kim said...

We had church at home today too. The church I go to seems like we are newcomers. Its just that they are so many people we havent really met any of them on a personal level. I mean I know some names, which I am bad at cause I should know way more but anyway it kinda stinks.Hopefully we'll fall into it soon. How awesome you got some shopping done. I really dread it but cant wait to get it over w/ That is a ridiculous jump in price for just one size. I bought my kids winter stuff this year a little bigger so hopefully I wont have to buy it again next winter. I get so sick of forking out all that money every winter. The kids need snow pants and boots for school, so I bought them both a size bigger for next year and I bought Jalynn and Jarrett's coats a size bigger too.

WildCAT said...

I can't believe that haven't contacted you yet...that is so terrible! Maybe you'll have to call them again...? Bummer.

Game/Snack night sounds fun! It would be a little crazy with too many kids running around though... The first thing on my "to-do" list when we move down there is to have you guys and Tim & Genny over so we can all hang out!

I am OK said...

How cute was SP? I wish I could have seen that. It sounds so sweet and inocent. C ussually cheers at church when we get to the closing prayer - ha, ha. Today he was really good - it was refreshing. Too bad it is taking you so long to fall into a smaller group. It is so hard being new sometimes - even when you aren't all that new.

Lots of love - jamie

PBJCJ said...

I miss CARE group and all our girls too, Jamie! We havent found a place where we really connect yet, so its frustrating.
Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Last year I spent $50 on a coat for Nathan only to find one I had put away for him a few days later AFTER I had thrown out the tags and receipt - then the zipper broke - talk about a waste of $50!