Sunday, October 25, 2009

three words

There are three words you never want to hear somebody say to you, much less a family member. Today is my Dad's birthday. So, I called to say "Happy birthday." Then, our conversation turned to other things. Here's part of it:

“So, do you still watch church on TV?” I asked.
“No, I never did. I was just pulling your leg.”
“Really, I thought you watched it?”

“No, I don’t believe in organized religion," my dad said.
“Well, you don’t have to believe in religion, just God,” I pointed out.

We got to talking a bit more about priests molesting kids, pastors and other ‘bad’ things he sees of such figures in the news.

Then he states, “I’m an atheist.”

You have no idea what that did to my heart. I about busted into tears. To hear your father say those three words, words you’d never think you’d hear. Please, please remember to pray for my father’s salvation. I will pray harder than ever before. I thought, hoped he'd at least believed in God but per today's conversation it doesn't appear so. He then changed the subject and asked how the weather is. Safe topic there! It just goes to show that we just do not know the conditions of people's hearts. Don't be afraid to step out and talk about God with people. I know I don't do it enough, but boy I certainly don't want anybody, much less my family, going to hell.

Then when I began to tell Zach about it while eating dinner I finally broke down crying. He wasn't very sympathetic though...more like "That really surprises you?" Actually yes, I'd at least hoped there was a BELIEF in GOD... So, my question is: Do YOU believe in God, in Jesus Christ His only Son? Do you believe Jesus died on the cross for your sins and mine, to save us from hell? If you do, what are you doing about it? Are you living for Him? Do you have a relationship with Him? Do you pray and read your Bible? Would other's say that you know Him? I'm not talking about religion. I'm not talking about being a good person. I'm talking about the condition of your heart and the eternity of your soul.


I am OK said...

My heart really breaks for you in the situation. I feel the same pain every time my family talks about God. My sister always says she is an atheistic heathen and to leave her alone. Last time she told me that I snuck into the bathroom to cry. You are not alone - we all want our families to be with us eternally. But one thing I know for CERTAIN, there is NO sadness in heaven - which means when you are I are there (I like to think we'll be neighbors once again) there will be nothing we feel sad about. If it makes you feel sad that your dad might not be there then you can pull hope from that, there is hope that he will be joining us becuase it would make us sad if he wasn't there. I will keep him in my prayers. Lots of Love


Sherry said...

Hi Jamie,

I am surprised that your dad does not believe in God ~ I'm not sure that I believe it, actually. Do you think maybe he was "pulling your leg" just because he didn't want to talk about it? I don't know...that's scary. In answer to your questions ~ Yes, I believe in God, that Jesus is his only son, and that Jesus died on the cross for our sins to save us from hell. I do pray and read my Bible, though probably not as often as I should sometimes. If others were asked, I'm not sure what they would say. Some of my friends would say yes, if they are close enough friends to know me well, but others might not know. I am basically a private person, and since I don't attend church on a regular basis, I'm not sure what people would say, and that's ok with me because I don't have to answer to them on Judgement Day. I actually watch church on t.v. and take a Bible study course through the mail ~ and I think only two people, other than Paul, would know that. "What am I doing about it, and am I living for Him?" Well, I worry about that ~ God knows what's in my heart, but he probably isn't too pleased with my use of time. When things get too busy around here the thing that seems to get put off is my Bible study. I do try to do the right things and help others, etc. though. I seem to have a chaotic life and I deal with everything first and pray about it later, and I know it should be the other way around, but I'm working on it, lol. I admire the fact that you always put Him first, as I know we should, but as I said,I seem to do it backwards ~ I think that's why my life is so chaotic. Ok, probably more than you needed to know...I can't even believe I'm going to hit the "publish" button, because this is one of my "private" issues, lol. Everyone seems to believe different things and I don't like to argue about it ~ they can believe whatever they want but I tend to ignore what I consider "man made rules" and just try to understand what is actually in the Bible, that's all.

Kim said...

Oh my Jamie. That is really awful to hear anyone say that especially your Dad. Prayers go out for his salvation. Its really weird I just wrote that.I was on FB and found a kid who was Jess'old flight chief's son who went hunting w/ his dad, jess and me all the time. I read on his FB that he claims to be an atheist. It really sadden me. I guess I just never thought I would know someone who didnt believe in God.I told Jess that, and he was like yeah I think he says that for attention. YEah well then maybe again he really doesnt believe in God. So Sad to think he wont go to heaven.

Kim said...

I meant 'you wrote that', my brain not thinking