Sunday, October 25, 2009

upside down Sunday

It has been a backwards and upside down day. Have I mentioned on here about my ear hurting? Boy, its been hurting for over a week but I've just not done anything about it. One day I tried to put silver drops in my ear (it's a natural antibiotic) but it felt like it just pooled in my ear and didn't even go in. Great. Then one night I tried peroxide. Same thing happened. Last night I read online some other tips so I tried vinegar and then I tried peroxide again. I was laying there for over 10 minutes and it would not go down my ear! I couldn't even hear out of my ear. And that ear won't even pop. When I was eating dinner last night I could barely chew because it hurt so bad. So I decided right away this morning I was headed to the walk-in clinic. I knew I wouldn't be going to church anyway because Sweet Pea had a fever yesterday.

I've been nervous to go to any sort of doctor. I got there before the clinic opened and was 8th in line. Oh boy you should have seen the people file in. There had to be 30 people in there by the time I got called back, and I was called back fairly quickly. Meanwhile I'm sitting in that waiting room trying to stay clear of anybody and just praying I don't get sick! I wish they'd make all those sick people wear masks! Yuck! As soon as I came home I changed and showered. Anyway, the doctor comes in and then says, "Maybe you have a wax buildup." Ok, maybe but i do doubt it. I clean my ears daily. So, he looks in my ear and says it looks fine. He said he can't see in my middle ear that maybe that's where its inflamed. I was thinking, "Just great, I'm not going to get any relief from this" but he gave me an antibiotic anyway! I'm not a big medicine taker, I hate taking it, but it hurts that bad. So when I picked up my meds I also got acidophilus (a pro biotic) because I'm not letting my immune system shut down! As it is I've been pumping the Vitamin C and D! So I've taken 2 doses now but it still hurts.

Oh and let me tell you about my Saturday. I know I've mentioned here about my friend, Jennifer. She's about ready to have her baby. She's dilated to 1 cm. Well, she's not due until the 14th but she's feeling ready. Well, at the beginning of the month Sadie and I got together and decided to throw Jenn a surprise shower. Now, we decided to include Jenn's neighbor/friend in on it (who I hadn't met but Sadie also knows) and she opened up her home to have it there. Ok, I mentioned it's a surprise shower, right? Well, how tricky would it be to be right next door! Oh, we had so much fun planning it! The night we were out buying stuff we both got a text from her at the same time! We were rolling in the aisle with laughter saying how we couldn't wait to tell her. We all chat online together at night and it was so hard not to say anything to her! It was a blast planning behind her back when she didn't' have a clue. Well, finally the big day came! I couldn't even sleep the night before. I was so excited!!!

We parked down the street so she wouldn't see our vehicles. Then we called Heather (the neighbor) and her daughter came to 'shuttle' us to her house. As we drove by Jenn's her daughter was right at the door, letting in a friend who was there to 'distract' Jenn. So here we were trying to duck and hide in the car!!! We shuttled most other people down to her house also. It was a riot! Finally the moment came and Jenn opened the door, saw all the people and you should have seen her eyes bug out! She turned right around and I knew she was crying! Of course that got all of us teary eyed too. Even typing about it I'm teary eyed, lol. So, she finally came in and she'd see somebody and be like, "WHAT?" and hug them and then sit down. Then she'd look around, see somebody else and do the same thing! She could not believe how we'd all gotten together! It was awesome! It was wonderful to bless her, to give her some light and laughter during this difficult time in her life. To let her know that we're here for her and we care. Her husband has still not come home and still seems to be proceeding in the direction he's taking so please continue to pray for her. She did finally find a nanny that will begin work tomorrow. It was such a fun Saturday!

Last night Zach had his work 'Halloween' party/dining in. He dressed up as Jesus. Apparently somebody else there had the same costume. Bummer. But I think he had fun. He never did get sent up to the grog so I know he was thankful for that.

Today I managed to clean out the spice/medicine cupboard and the junk drawers. It's nice to find what I'm looking for now! I have yet to plan school lessons for the week but I don't think I have too much to do!


Kim said...

Hope your ear is doing better. Oh how fun that you surprised her. She got a great bunch of friends. I couldnt even imagine about to give birth to your baby and your husband leave you. Poor woman.

I am OK said...

I love surprise parties! I bet your friend will remeber that one for years and years - you are just so sweet.

Ears are tricky things - I hate when they hurt. Sometimes Corn Syrup and rubbing alcohol help - but it sounds like you have tried everything but the kitchen sink. Hope the antibiotic kicks in.