Friday, October 02, 2009

Help for the Black Widows

Yesterday in the mail we received a card for 14 days of praying for Christian martyrs so I thought we'd utilize it in our Bible time.

Here's Day 1: Ruth is a widow whose husband was killed in a religious riot in Nigeria. Pray for Nigerian widows.

So we looked at a map to find Nigeria and talked about what we could pray for for these women. When it was Junior Squirrel's turn to pray he said, "Dear Jesus, help the black widows...(pause). Mom, what are they again?" Oh I about busted out laughing for I never said they were black, although I did say Nigeria is in Africa. I think he was trying to be funny with saying black widow as in spider. I just told him they were women whose husband's have died, not wanting to get into that yes they actually were black widows. I'm still cracking up about it.


Kim said...

Oh my too funny. At first i thought about the spider too, then put two and two together and figured yeah black as in race, even funnier. Kids are cute and so innocent

Sherry said...

Too cute! At first I thought you were going to talk about spiders, and I wasn't sure how much of your post I would get through ~ Spiders give me the creeps, and I don't even want to read about them, lol.