Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hands-on Learning

Friday for school we went to a bread baking day. A friend in one of our homeschool groups has been grinding her own wheat. I knew Princess would enjoy it, so off we went for a different education for the day! We got to see different forms of grain- from buckwheat to winter wheat to millet. The boys played with play-doh and ran around and played a couple of games. Princess and I got to see the wheat being ground- pretty neat and fast! Then they worked with the bread dough. While we waited for the bread they made pizza dough. Princess got right in there- even feeling so comfortable as to eat the cheese while spreading it on the dough! Though a long day it was very informative and interesting. Of course I've baked my own bread before, but never ground my own wheat.

Saturday we took a science field trip as a family to Gulf Islands National Seashore. It is not too far from home and the park we often go to to see the alligator. Since our science this year is about flying creatures we were mainly looking for things related to that. We had a scavenger hunt list from our book that we tried to follow. Although it was HOT we had such a good time out in nature exploring. I brought little sandwich bags and the kiddos picked up everything from flowers to acorns to different types of grasses.

I will add some pictures of our day in a slide show soon. I forgot my camera for the bread baking but had it at the park.


Becca said...

That sounded like fun! My FIL grinds his own flour and makes the most delicious bread from it....also uses it in pancakes and whatever else.

Amie said...

That would be really cool to see. I have actually always wanted to see flour being made.