Wednesday, September 26, 2007

How do your apples grow?

Those are not real apples the kids are picking in the pictures. I wanted to do something 'special' for Johnny Appleseed Day, so I cut out 'apples' from construction paper. I made their buckets out of paper bags. I cut the bag in half and used the top half as a handle, just cutting it thinner. I was going to have them wear pots on their heads as they picked their apples but most of our pots are dirty. We will eat apples for snacks later. We talked about Johnny Appleseed and colored a picture of him. Did you do anything special with your children?


Mom said...

No I didn't get to as she lives too far away in the land of the south. I did get to have a conversation with her about it. Hope you all enjoyed the apples that looked real you planted on the shrubs. Have a good Thursday.

Becca said...

G did something with apples in preschool adn going to pick him up Thursday there was all kinds of apple art in the hallway. =)

Amie said...

I didn't know about Johny Appleseed day. Sounds like you had a lot of fun.