Sunday, February 08, 2009

where did the day go???

I was going to upload pictures today but I never got the chance. After church we stopped at Walmart. There were Open Houses in our neighborhood so Chatterbox and I went to see what the house 2 doors down looks like. It's nice. My neighbors said its small but it can't be any smaller than ours! And the bedrooms had to have been bigger than the ones we have now!

Then I came home and planned school lessons and began to work on the taxes again. Finally I got those things figured out. I hope it doesn't take too long to get them back! I folded a basket of clothes and then Zach wanted me to play Clue with he and CB. By the time we were done it was past bedtime, I had clothes to put away and here I am. No longer motivated to try to do pictures, especially on the monster laptop. I've got to take the pictures off of here and put them on a disk. I really should do that with some on our regular PC too because it keeps saying I have limited disk space in Picasa!

Today we had a substitute pastor preach since ours is out of town. He has 12 children, ages 16 and under!!! I tried to count how many kids were there today...I think there were about 35! Adults? Only about 12! Isn't that awesome??? I have a picture to share with you from Christmastime of the kids from church! It is so cool. But I need to scan it. Hopefully I can get around to pictures tomorrow...

You know what is irritating? It was nice out again today and I go and look and the heat is set at 74*!!!!! Give me a break!!!! Our electric bill is going to be steep if that keeps up!


Kim said...

That sounds fun to go see open houses. I love looking at other houses to see how they are laid out or decorated. Maybe the bedrooms seemed bigger because they were empty. WOW 12 kids. They surely have been blessed. Wow I couldn't imagine that many kids, but that is so awesome. They must have a huge house.

Babyface74 said...

Sounds like you had a fun day. I like looking at new houses too. the rooms always feel bigger when they are empty.

Instead of using discs for our pics, Steve got a small external hard drive and we save all our music & photos to it. That way our PC space is free. It sure helps to keep the PC running faster. And we take it with us when we go out of town. Just in case. Than all our valuable info is with us should something happen to our home while we are gone.