Wednesday, February 18, 2009

hump day

What a day it's been! Where to begin? I was up bright and early thanks to a barking puppy. Nothing annoys me more than her waking me up too early! Zach had let her out when he got up so there was no reason she had to be doing that! Stinkin' pup is worse than a kid! lol

Our new laptop arrived bright and early. Here I was, reading about the American Revolution with the kiddos, all cuddled on the couch still in our PJs. It was 8:30 and the Fed Ex guy stopped by to bring my new toy! So, there went history for the day! We were all pretty excited to check it out! It is way better than the other ancient relic.

I was finally able to pull myself away from my toy and get in a shower and actually do some school. We got quite a bit of school done. I also managed to vacuum and put the playpen in our room in place of the cradle. I admit Sweet Pea used the cradle all of one night;) BUT I'm hoping to see how she does in the playpen and hoping to use it. We'll see...

She ate cereal better tonight, only a bit, but its a start. I mix it with water. Being that she's so little yet I don't want to mix it with juice and I don't have breastmilk stored to mix it with. So when big sister ate it yesterday it was only the rice cereal with water! Ew! As I was readying her for her bath her biggest brother had her cracking up! Was that ever cute!

Did you watch American Idol last night? Boy, that Danny stole my heart! He did great! I tried to vote for him for 1 1/2 hours but the lines were so busy! Tonight they're showing Iowa basketball and not having Idol on until 10!!! How DARE they??? I already know the results though because my aunt was watching it and I asked her to tell me (thanks, Cindy). Those were my top 3 choices so I'm glad they continue!

We have that Dining Out next weekend. At first Zach thought we'd just take the baby but we're not able to. It wouldn't be bad if it were in the same town, but its up in Ames, a half an hour away! I hate the thought of leaving my baby that far, especially since she's pretty much exclusively nursing! Which is one reason I started her on the cereal when I did. Anyway, we have to pay an arm and a leg, plus some for the meal. I have nothing to wear, though a friend here did offer me a dress so I'll see if it fits and if its fitting for the occasion (what exactly IS fitting???).

I had a blast teaching the kiddos Health today. Chatterbox began her Health unit, in correlation with science, and I have the boys following along for part of it. We talked about posture and demonstrated good posture. They enjoyed it. I made it fun, or attempted to! CB is almost done reading 'The Wind in the Willows'. What an enjoyable book! I never did read that one as a child. I also enjoy reading 'The Boxcar Children' to Junior Squirrel.

In March Zach has an NCO Conference in Dallas and wants the kiddos and I to go. At first I was excited because I'd get to meet Tanya (she is a 'friend' I met through the Above Rubies egroup...we've emailed, talked on the phone, sent Christmas cards, etc for at least 5 years) but turns out her family will be out of town. What a bummer!!! SO, I hope I will find somebody to visit with while Zach whiles away his time learning such meaningful information (sarcasm). I wish we could stay the weekend. They only give him one travel day and its like 10-11 hour drive! The travel days are Monday and Friday. We have to travel those days (I'm assuming) in order for the military to cover the expense. We also get to stay at a real nice Marriott hotel while there, all on the government's dime so I can't complain too much! I just don't want to be holed away in a hotel room in a huge city for 3 days!

I was having quite some issues with this computer at first. I wasn't sure if it was Vista or Internet Explorer 7 or what, but I changed a few things and so far so good. Hope I got all of that taken care of! Otherwise I like it!

I'll be having some guests on my blog in the coming days so stay tuned. Oh, and I can't believe how often I'm blogging again! Woohoo!!!! There was more I was going to say but I think I've bored you with all my random thoughts enough...


Kim said...

How exciting you got your new laptop. I did watch Idol last night. Danny is my favorite too. I really hope he wins. He seems to have a lot of charisma too. I just feel so bad for him when I hear him sing since he lost his wife. There is definitely alot of good singers on this year. Oh my Thank Goodness that Tatiana got sent away. She was such a drama queen. Jess thinks she's bipolar or something. You should go with Zach. It's a free vacation. Enjoy getting to eat out and not have to cook. Oh and I thought when we went to Bismarck with Jess that one time might not of been fun being stuck in a hotel with kids. BUt they had that waterpark which was fun, and when Jess was at his classes I kept the truck and went to the mall and explored a little around the city.

Amie said...

I never read Wind in the Willows either, maybe I will have to check that out. CB would probably like the Inkheart trilogy.

AmazingGraceTX said...

Did you know that san Antonio is only five hours from Dallas? And did you know that San Antonio has a bunch of fun educational things to do? I just thought I'd throw that out there. Do with it what you will.