Tuesday, February 17, 2009

this n that

  • When I cleaned out the basement last week I went through a bunch of the kid's books. I posted a bunch on Paperback Swap and today I mailed out 5 books! I love that! That means I'll have that many credits to get some books for either the kids or myself!
  • Speaking of books I put a few on hold at the library. I figured since I started to read Twilight I'd better put the others in the series on hold. One is already in. Guess I better hurry and finish this one!
  • I had yet another playdate today. It is wonderful to finally be meeting some people and making some friends. I met this lady at our homeschool group's Valentine's party. Chatterbox took right to her daughter so we decided we should make a time to get together and play. She also has a 3 year old boy so the boys had somebody to play with!
  • When we left I told the kids that we're not going to anybody's house to play for awhile. Girls, well you never see or hear from them. For some reason Junior Squirrel hasn't been the best the past couple of play dates we've had. So, until his behavior gets better and he can show me that he can be kind to people and belongings we'll be having people here.
  • I found a Mary Kay lady. I haven't used MK in a long time. I switched to Nicole Miller when I was doing Melaleuca and ran out of that quite a while ago. I've just been buying cheapo stuff from Walmart and haven't been satisfied so I thought I'd 'pamper' myself a bit. I rarely wear makeup, but when I do I'd like it to look good. And I figure since I barely wear it I won't be spending too much money on it when I won't go through it so much.
  • Did you know Nancy Campbell has a blog??? Is that cool or what!?! It's just a family blog, nothing 'inspirational' but I admit that I'm inspired just by her huge dining room table & family get-togethers! Interested? Check it out here.
  • Zach is home. He thinks he did alright on the test. He was looking through his CDC's and all trying to see what he got right and wrong. He had to take both the SKT and PFE this year so that stinks. And we won't find out until June, like usual, if he made it. At least he won't have to worry about studying for that for awhile.
  • And last but not least, Sweet Pea finally made a decision on her sucking issues! She couldn't decide between her pacifier, thumb or fingers. Although I did catch her sucking her thumb briefly last night I believe she's going to be a finger sucker after all. It looks cute. While at our friend's house today I put her next to me on the couch and she started to suck her fingers and fell asleep. It was so cute!
  • Oh, one more thing. Check out this house for sale... Beautiful, but seriously why would you need that much room? Look at the football field!


Kim said...

I wish I read more because I would join that paperback swap. That's a great way to get new books. I'm sure the lady whose house you were at didn't even notice or pay much attention to JS behavior. As mom's we see things 10 times worse with our own kids than other people's kids. I'm cheap I buy cover girl from the bx, I can't see me paying that much for make up from MK. But you deserve some pampering, so doll yourself up and have Zach take you out..lol. I bet SP looks cute sucking her fingers. My kid's were the nuk never thumbs. I actually thought I might of been able to get rid of BG's nuk. She threw it away in the garbage till her lovely brother JJ said here's a new one and gave another one to her. That house is ridiculous. Who would really want to live in a house that big. And like we were saying on the phone the other day where do people get that kind of money? As for house hunting I haven't found any new ones lately. Hunny is actually second guessing it and getting cold feet about buying a house. We are still looking though and when the time comes we'll see if it feels right or not. Well geez, it looks like I made a whole entire post on your comment board. Sorry..lol

Shari said...

You mean you don't need a house and yard that big for the kids? Just kidding. As nice as it would be, you probably wouldn't even know the kids were in the house.

Christine said...

I had no idea that Nancy Campbell had a blog! Very exciting.