Friday, February 13, 2009

Daisy Girl

This is the day we brought Daisy home. We gave her a bath. How mean huh?
I love this look on her face!
So sweet!

I love this one of Daisy seeing herself in the mirror on the toy!

Baby meets Puppy!

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A boy n his pup...he's smitten!

So excited!!!!

This is one loved puppy!

This is today. What's this look about?

Isn't she cute? Like a stuffed animal!


Kim said...

Your dog is so darn cute. I just want to cuddle her. How funny some of daisy's expression you got. My favorite pic is of daisy licking SP's toes. How cutes. That would be a cute picture to enter into a photo contest.

I am OK said...

You may have just found the perfect dog for you. She is so cute!!!