Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

We had our Valentine's Party yesterday. The children had such a good time. Chatterbox made a new friend. Junior Squirrel had fun playing games. Booty Shaker didn't want to stray from my side but he enjoyed some candy and he says he had fun. Sweet Pea fell asleep on mama in the Ergo. I love when we leave somewhere and the children right away say, "Thank you for taking me there!" Such wonderful children I have! Happy Valentine's Day!!! (Oh and I got no pictures of SP because she was ON me)!!!


Babyface74 said...

How fun!! I love the pictures you have posted lately. You have a very sweet family. You are very blessed!!

Kim said...

Where was this party at? That was nice they got to go to V-Day party. That's so sweet of them to thank you. You got some well mannered, appreciative kids.