Wednesday, February 18, 2009

i heart milk

I am stealing Mama's computer to write a bit to you. I am the baby of the family. I like milk. Mommy has been trying to feed me this other weird stuff and shoving it in my mouth. I don't like it. It is not milk. I spit it out, but I pretend to eat a bit of it because then mommy gives me a big smile. I just want mommy's milk.

There this big white thing that sometimes comes toward my face. I smile at it, thinking it wants to play. Then it goes up my nose holes and sometimes it hurts! I cry! But last night I thought that white thing was so funny I was really smiling and laughing at it. I think they all call it a booger cleaner. Whatever a booger is? I only know mama, dada and milk. And my sisters and brother.

Sometimes I'm put in a bunch of water and scrubbed. I sometimes like it but sometimes I don't. I am really scrunched in it now, but when I first came out of my mommy's belly it was too big for me and mommy had to hold me to make sure I didn't fall in! A couple of times mommy sat it up in the big tub, I think they call it, but it didn't work so well. I don't want to sit up by myself. I like to be lazy and just let my mommy do all the work for me! After all, I am the baby! But I know my mommy likes it. She always smiles at me and kisses me.

Well, I am very sleepy now. After that stuff being shoved in my face and the water I was put in I just want to sleep. I am too afraid that big white thing will try to get me again so I will just sleep on my mommy. I hope to tell you again about me sometime. Remember, I am baby, I think mommy calls me Sweet Pea. I like when she calls me beautiful.


Kim said...

How cute. Wonder what really goes on in her little head when all that is going on?

I am OK said...

This is sooo sweet.

Darlene said...

I would kiss and smile at you alot too if I could be with you. You are very special A. I love you. Nanny

momanna98 said...

What a cute post. :-)