Thursday, February 26, 2009


I am EXHAUSTED. It has been a long trying day over here! I don't know what the deal was! I know we really had school work to crack down on as the past two days we didn't do a whole lot. I am so glad we took those days 'off' when the weather was nice because today wasn't nice. We had thunderstorms! We even had a bit of hail! Now this I expect in Mississippi at this time of year once in awhile but not in Iowa! I love that there is no snow. I just wish the temps would've stayed warm. It looks like there's a chance of snow the next couple of days though (at least the last time I looked). I hope its not too cold for the Dining Out Saturday night!

I love the new laptop. It's given me no problems at all. I can type and type away and I have no boxes popping up! Amazing! Lovely!

I swear my little Sweet Pea says her first word. Granted its when she's crying, but she says so clearly, "Mama". She said it yesterday when I was at the baby-sitters house. She was doing it a bit ago when she was fussing and as soon as Zach gave her to me she was fine! And hear I was thinking she didn't 'talk' much but she's been doing baby babble more and more lately. I LOVE it! I LOVE that she says my name! She's been a bit fussy today. Probably a growth spurt as I don't see any teeth yet, but she sure does chew on everything.

I am missing AI again tonight because Zach got a movie from Redbox for the kids. Oh well, I really don't mind since I didn't see last nights anyway. I suppose there's somewhere online where I can catch what I missed. I really would like to finish my current book so I can watch the movie (The Secret Life of Bees). If I'm not mistaken its free on Starz. Just something I picked from the library while waiting for other ones I have on hold.


Kim said...

I bet it is so much better not having a darn laptop messing you up anymore. A week or so we had rain which is abnormal here in February but it froze and our driveway is a sheet of ice. How cool SP says MaMA. That just makes you feel so good that she can now vocalize that she wants and needs you, doesn't it? I Love baby talk. I know on the tv guide channel they have like idol rewind or something that you can see what went on. Just don't know what time they air it, as I never watched it.

DDK23 said...

I love the Secret Life of Bees. I borrowed it from my mom, and then lost it in the move, so now I have to buy her the book.

Darlene said...

I can see that she would say "mama" first as she is with you most of the time. Don't complain about your weather:) We got dumped with about 8 inches of snow, no school and I had to wait until Ed plowed us out to get to work. Got in for 10:30, then there is no heat on this side of the building, furnace is out and won't have heat until Tuesday. Will have to bring in my space heater and I don't like being cold. I actually just took my jacket off and put on my warm shirt. It is going to be cold here. Love you all. Mom/Nanny

Angie said...

Glad to see the new laptop is working!!!