Saturday, February 28, 2009

chub a lub lub

Every morning when I wake up the first thing I do is change Sweet Pea's diaper. And every morning it seems that her thighs have grown fatter than the morning before! I love fat baby chubs! This little peanut's gotta stop being so lazy and start exercising;) Or maybe stop eating! Last night at dinnertime she ate her Rice Cereal AND bananas! I was so happy! She just wanted to keep on eating. Lately in the middle of the night she doesn't nurse as much as she used to. If she does its more for comfort than to eat, more to suck than to get milk. So this morning when I awoke I felt pretty full and thought I'd take advantage of that and pump. That way she has milk for tonight. The other morning when I pumped I don't think I even got 2 ounces! Today I got 4 ounces! I know it was totally God!!! Thanks Sadie & Jenn for your prayers;) I think I will be able to enjoy myself a little more tonight knowing that she has regular breastmilk. Now if only she'll drink it from a bottle and be comforted by her baby-sitter, Shekinah!


Kim said...

I love baby chubs too. All my kids were little chunks. That's really great she ate all that. She's a growin! That's so good you were able to pump. Now maybe you'll be a little more at ease and able to relax and enjoy yourself. Have Fun.

Amie said...

I always hoped for a baby with some chub, but all of ours had stick legs.