Saturday, February 28, 2009


I am so annoyed, about in tears, just wanting to crawl into bed and not get out. You have no idea how much money was WASTED on this night.

-Over $20 a piece per plate of food (2 plates)
-Over $50 dress
-Probably about $25 in accessories
-$20 babysitter
-$3 for drinks
-$ for gas to drive both vehicles 30 minutes away

I'm sure I'm leaving something out.

So, I drop the munchkins at the babysitters. I managed to pump those 4 ounces this morning. Before we left I fed Sweet Pea her cereal and nursed her. I prayed on the drive up. I thought maybe I could last 2 hours, at least until we ate. I thought dinner was at 6. I dropped the kids off at 5.

The Dining Out was so dumb...sorry for those of you who like those things. Talk about having a fake smile plastered on my face. I enjoyed talking to my friend Jenn, that's about it. I think its totally gay that you pay an arm and leg for their food and they charge you for drinks! Anyway, then they had the National Anthem, Invocation and some other remarks. Then they talked about the grog bowl, where they mix all kinds of nasty stuff together. They took forever in calling this or that cadet up to drink from it. I thought it was so stupid and immature...of course they are college kids!

By this point it was after 6 and we were finally told we could eat the salad. No telling how long that and the dessert were sitting out on those tables! Then I asked Zach if he'd felt my phone vibrate at all. Turns out 5 minutes before that the babysitter tried to call. So I snuck out and called her back. I could hear SP crying in the background. So I left. My $20 dinner uneaten. Zach was wanting to leave too but he couldn't, although he did sneak out early.

I am so angry. Not at any particular person or anything, just the whole situation. I hate leaving my babies behind, especially when they're pretty much exclusively nursed. I didn't feel right about leaving her. I should just not have gone. Imagine all the money we could have saved. But I didn't want Zach to be dateless!

Oh, so he asked for a doggy bag or whatever. THEY WOULDN'T GIVE HIM ONE!!!! Something about a liability (it was held in some building on the ISU campus). So, he wrapped up my food in napkins and hid it in his uniform!!! He didn't want our money wasted either! I don't know that I want to eat food that's been wrapped in linen napkins that was in my husband's pockets, but that's not the point! The point is that we payed so much for that junk and they wouldn't allow him to take it home to me! I am soooooo irritated. I made Zach take me home a KitKat...I NEED some chocolate!!!

Off to try to enjoy some sort of food and something of this night...hope your night was better than mine!

there was one small piece of chicken (I think in some sort of raspberry sauce), some potatoes & carrots/beans mixture on the plate. That LITTLE bit for over $20!!!! INSANE!!!! I could have bought myself a few books with that. Or some summer clothes. Or a pair of shoes.


Kim said...

Oh I'm so sorry it was so terribly wrong. I feel so bad. I was expecting to hear how great of a time you had. Was there anything wrong with SP or did she just want her mama? That stinks you had to waste all that money. Enjoy your chocolate and eat your frustrations

Jamie said...

I think she just wanted me. Normally at night she just cuddles up with me. They said her gums hurt but I'm not sure about that because she's never fussed about that before. I didn't really even get any good pictures of me...and I didn't get any with Zach!!! I'll try to check them out tomorrow and maybe post them (my photographer was my kids).

Angie said...

Oh!! I am so sorry! I would defintely find out who put it together and just give them a call---there is no reason Zach couldn't have taken your meal home to you.

Can't wait to see pics though! I am sure you looked amazing!

BTW-I know what you mean about our girls. Natalie is such a Mommie's girl...more than any of my other children were.

DDK23 said...

Manu was the same way. We're lucky that my in-laws will do for him while I am away. It doesn't sound like a fun event to me either:-(

PBJCJ said...

Sorry you had such a nasty time of it all! I hope the chocolate made up for it, at least a little bit:) Love ya!

WildCAT said...

Ugh...I'm so sorry! That's totally ridiculous that he couldn't bring your food home after you paid $20 for it!! There's no "liability" at any other restaurant when people want to take food home...

I hope you enjoyed your chocolate and your redbox movie! Sometimes the cheap things in life are actually the best! =)

Darlene said...

You know you are loved when you are missed by our sweat little baby! I know I would have been able to handle her and got her to stop crying. :) You need to go out more so she can get use to being w/out you;leave her home w/Zach more, he will have to learn how to take care of her. Mom

Amie said...

Oh man! I know if I would of left any of my babies at the age I would of had the same result.