Tuesday, March 03, 2009


It's kinda funny the differences between living in Mississippi and Iowa. I mean in regards to myself and my 'habits'. I guess part of it could be that I have another baby and that

***interruption, as I'm trying to type this I'm feeding sweet pea baby food and making lunch. booty shaker is running around with my breast pump saying 'bang, bang'***

makes me busier than I was before. But it is weird nonetheless. Here are some of the changes...

1. I hardly ever make my bed anymore. I'm lucky if it gets made once a week! In MS it was rare if my bed was unmade. I don't know if its the busy-ness of homeschooling, the addition of a baby, laziness or all of the above but it is once change.

2. In MS I would make sure the kids and I were ready for the day before we began school. We normally wouldn't begin until about 10 am. Here in Iowa we seem to start earlier and start while in our PJs. Today I didn't get in the shower until after 11, when most of our schoolwork was done! Most of the kids weren't dressed by then either! And I realized that it is OK to do that! But why the change? I don't know!

3. Then there's the whole thing about going out. Where I come from (the U.P. of Michigan) people will go out in their big ol' snowboots with sweatpants or pajamas with their hair in disarray. Where we lived in MS you didn't see people of this nature unless it was their nature, if that makes sense. In the 4 years we'd been there I don't think I ever ran out in PJ pants or sweats or anything like that. I always tried to look 'presentable'. Well, here in IA things are different for me. I don't know if its the cold that I just don't care how I look when I run somewhere. Most of the time I DO dress decently but there were a few times when I needed to run to the grocery store quick so I'd just leave on my 'comfy' pants that I normally don't wear out. I'd keep on my junky t-shirt and just didn't care how messy my ponytail was. Why such a difference???

These are just some things I've been contemplating lately. I know my life has changed with adding another child to the picture but I also know that's not completely to 'blame' for these changes. And I am sure there are other changes as well, these are just some of the more noticeable ones. Have you experienced this with your moving around at all?


Anonymous said...

I find each time we move that my routine changes. And I would say the addition of a baby changes everything. I have to work around his schedule and it has totally changed our day.

I think life might get pretty boring if we didn't have these things happen:)

Kim said...

It's called being a mom and not having time for yourself. I understand you about the whole looking presentable thing. I know and the people who know me know that I'm not a bum or homeless person, when I look like it, some people might think I am though. I'm the opposite though when it comes to making my bed. When we first got married I would go without making the bed. NOw it bugs me so bad. I have to make it every day or my whole room will feel so messy. I guess my kids messed up my house, and it feels good to just have my space neat and tidy where they can't mess it up.