Tuesday, March 03, 2009

lack of posts

I can't believe I didn't blog on Sunday or Monday! I don't even remember what I did on Sunday but I know I didn't do much! I didn't even get around to doing school lessons for the week! I think I just lazed around! Good thing I did because I have a busy week in store!

Yesterday Sweet Pea had her 6 month Dr. appointment. I was a bit nervous about what the doctor would say regarding immunizations but she asked at the very end if I was still waiting on that and was totally cool with it. Praise God! I was really praying about that! I also had a chiropractor appointment yesterday. I haven't gone to one in like 10 years and I was a bit nervous about it. You forget how loud those cracks near your ears can be! I felt 'weird' afterwards and then got sore a bit. i was supposed to go to a homeschool meeting last night but after I came home from the chiropractor I brought the baby-sitter home and went grocery shopping. By that time it was after 5 and I just didn't have time to throw dinner together and get out the door. Plus i had a headache, the baby needed to be fed and bathed. I am glad I stayed home though as I got to finish the laundry and relax.

We've been reading about George Washington and the colonial times in History. I found this good book from the library that we enjoy reading. It is Magic Tree House Research Guide- American Revolution. We've talked about The Stamp Act a few times so today I had the kids make 'stamps'. Maybe I'll do something with tea next time since we've talked a bit about the Boston Tea party also. It's more fun to throw in activities and I think it helps the kids to remember what we talk about.

I am going to try to upload some pictures on the computer so I can share some with you. I know its been awhile. Hopefully I'll have time to write on here again soon but times are busy (mostly of my own accord). It's nice to finally have something to do though!


Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of putting of immunizations. Email me and tell me why you choose too. And for how long you are going to put them off. Did you with your other kids:)
Lots of questions,

Kim said...

That's so good the doc didn't give you any hassel about immunizations. I was kinda lacking on my post this weekend too.