Friday, March 13, 2009

last night of 'vacation'

  • We're at the same hotel in the KC area that we stayed at on the way to Dallas. We liked it so much and since the kids didn't get to swim in the outdoor pool down south we figured we'd let them do so again tonight. The staff here is so friendly and the rate is great. And I feel comfortable here!
  • Zach wanted to drive the whole way but the baby would have none of that! She has come to despise her car seat, the poor thing. She is chewing on me, spitting up on me and hitting me with a hard rattle as I type. Cruelty! I bet she's so relieved to be out of her seat!
  • Last night Booty Shaker got sick. Zach got off a bit 'early' so we were trying to think of something to do but BS was just laying there saying he was tired. It is so dumb because everything closed at 5! Zoo, museums, etc so there really wasn't anything to do besides shop and we'd already done that. Anyway, BS fell asleep and had a fever. He said his belly hurt and didn't eat dinner. I prayed over him and Zach went and bought some Tylenol. He began to feel better and was able to eat applesauce. He was fine today until dinnertime again. So rather than being downstairs swimming in the pool right now he's playing Wii.
  • Did I mention we got a Wii? I'd been wanting one for awhile but when it came right down to it I didn't want to spend the money. On our way to Texas Zach ran to the store and came out with one! It sure helped pass the time in the hotel room! It sure is fun too! I love bowling and golfing:)
  • Oh I forgot to mention that on the way down to Texas we stopped at a Taco Bell off the interstate in Missouri. A family had went in before us and when I noticed that the teen girl had on an Ishpeming sweatshirt. I asked if it was Michigan and it was! Turns out they're from the U.P. What are the chances of that? It was neat!
  • Then tonight we ate at Bob Evans. Our waitress is going to a Bible college in the town we live in! She's on spring break and originally from here. How weird is that?
  • Chatterbox has read I think 6 books on this trip! I was going to add up the pages to see how many it is but haven't gotten to do that yet. I love that she loves to read! She read two today alone! I wish I'd brought more for her! She read this one that I got her from the library, a Judy Moody one, a Romana Quimby book and a bunch of others.
  • Today in the car Booty Shaker asked me, "Mom what letter are you?" I asked, "What do you mean?" He said, "You know, like I'm 4". Haha, I explained to him that 4 is a number, told him how old I am and that you usually ask how old a person is not what number they are (he's asked that before). He'll also see a G and say, "That's my letter" since his name starts with it.
  • I haven't mentioned anything about Junior Squirrel yet. He got a Nate the Great book the other day and was reading it today. He's been pretty quiet and good in the car (they all have). It never surprises me the messes he makes with food! He is so stinkin' messy! Half the time I have to tell him to clean his mouth! The whole day he had a food mess all around his mouth.


Kim said...

That vacation seemed to go fast. How crappy everything closed at 5 so you guys couldn't do anything. How ironic you ran into some people from your neck of the woods. It's a small world. Oh boy hope BS feels better, especially on your trip home. It won't be any fun with a sick kid in the car. trust me,last year Jalynn got sick and puked all over her carseat. Needless to say it was one "stinky" trip. That's so great CB loves to read. I wish I was like her when I was a kid. How cool you got a Wii. Those look like so much fun,but can't see us spending money on another video game.Well have a safe trip home.

Kim said...

Hey Jamie,
How do you make your blog private? Please let me know I got a really weird comment from someone I have no clue who it is. Check out my post "so Sleepy", and look at my comment, thne check that guys blog and you'll see why.