Thursday, March 19, 2009

and here I thought I was getting somewhere

I don't know why those pictures didn't turn out! I thought I'd had it all figured out! I am so disgusted with pictures lately! Check back later and I'll try to fix those pictures of SP. Anyway, please pray for Sweet Pea. She must have whatever her brother had last week. It was weird, as soon as we went upstairs to sleep last night she sounded all congested. I was up with her a lot just checking on her and trying to keep her comfortable. She seemed ok this morning and at lunch I was feeding her peaches when she threw up everywhere. Not spit up but tons and tons of puke. Poor, poor girl, I just felt awful for her as I sat there helpless. She seems better now, she's sleeping on me. She's not real feverish. I gave her a bit of Tylenol and the kids and I all prayed over her. She's a bit pale too. Please pray it doesn't last long! And pray for the rest of us! Zach leaves on Sunday for the week and I really don't want to be sick while he's away!


Kim said...

SO sorry to hear SP is sick. That is no fun to deal with. I hate when little ones get sick. You just feel so helpless as they can't tell you what hurts them. Hope and pray she starts feeling better.

Amie said...

Hope she's feeling better now.