Thursday, March 12, 2009

another blogworthy moment

The cleaning lady knocked on the door. It was a prime opportunity to go and check out the laundry facilities as it was piled up. I wanted to see how many washers there were and what the charge was. 2 washers and FREE of charge- if you can believe that! I couldn't! I then had a bill to mail so we went up to the front desk. Then we went in the little Starbucks cafe' and got a couple of cookies to munch on. An older man, a worker, came and talked to us while we sat eating our cookies. He was very friendly. I realized I needed laundry soap and went back into the Starbucks to buy some. I bought 4 little pouches (they're white so I don't even know if they're a 'brand') and it cost $8!!! So that's how they get you on laundry. As I finished paying the gentleman worker came back and asked the kids their ages and talked some more. Then he handed me this huge ziploc full of cookies! He must have went into the kitchen and got us some cookies! Very nice! It's about time I feel a hint of friendliness in this place!


Kim said...

Well I was gonna say finally something that wasn't expensive, then you said youspent $8 on soap. Holy Expensive! That was super nice that guy gave you guys cookies.

Amie said...

That better be some good soap!