Friday, March 27, 2009

the story of the nasty behind

Last night I found a little poop on the carpet. I was a bit surprised- Daisy has been doing pretty well, although she does like to sneak behind the couch to poop. I saw her squatting again, grabbed her and stuck her on her pad. She didn't go. So in her kennel she went. When we went to let her out later on I noticed poop stuck to her butt so had her go on her pad. Well, rather than it being some little piece of poop stuck to her fur it was huge. She kept trying to get off of the pad and rub her butt on the floor. I don't think so! Poor dog didn't like the stuck poop one bit. Finally, I got up and was determined to get the poop off. Little did I know how disgusting it would turn out to be. I had my nose in my shirt and I could still smell it. I began violently gagging. So bad that I pulled a muscle in my stomach. I managed to get a good portion off but the rest is still there. So, into her kennel she went. Which is where she'll remain until Zach can take care of it this afternoon. I tried. I did my part. I wipe enough kid butts. Puppy butts are a whole other story. Absolutely disgusting. I feel bad keeping her locked up, besides to put her potty, but I don't need poop rubbed all over my floors! Just thought I'd give you all a laugh over it while I'm still gagging over the thought!


I am OK said...

I really wouldn't want to trade places :P)

Kim said...

Just what you need. How Gross! I don't envy!

Darlene said...

I knew it would be all peaches and cream! You can't keep her locked up all the time either.