Friday, March 06, 2009

another guest blogger

I wanted to write yesterday but I was too worn out to try my paws at this weird contraption. The big people got to go out the big door yesterday into the bright light and I barked and whined to go. The big lady who sometimes yells at me let me out but I ran into the neighbors yard where it was muddy and had to get sent to my kennel. I made enough noise and she put some long rope on me and had the big girl walk around with me. I tried to eat grass but it didn't taste too well. I thought maybe it was some sort of treat. Yuck. I really liked running around in all that space! What fun! Then the big people took me on this real long walk. I am so little and they are so big. The big lady was holding the long rope but I wanted to be up ahead with the other big people. Finally the big girl took me and I got to run. It was so fun!!!! The big lady sat down and the other big people got to play around on something that looked like so much fun. I was trying so hard to get off the long rope so I could go and play too but it didn't work. I fussed and whined but I never made it on that fun looking thing to play. Two little people came to pet me. Oh, as we walked I also saw some big dogs but I wasn't one bit scared! I am a brave girl! I was pretty tired out when we got back to our house. I think I slept the rest of the day. Today I got to go for a walk with the big man and the other big people. Well, the little thing that cries and the big lady didn't go. I don't know why not. It was such a nice walk. But I got dirty. Now I have to be in my kennel for awhile. That's ok because I am tired but I want the big boy to hold me. He carries me around a lot and tries to sneak me upstairs. I like to run up those stairs and try to poop up there. But then I get in trouble. And locked up. I thought I was sneaky and pooped behind the couch. The big lady was real mad about that. She thinks that maybe one day I'll get it right. I know I do get treats when I go on the white square by the door. I like my treats. Ok, I am more tired now so I need to rest my puppy brain and paws. I just was dying to tell you about my first time out the big door into the big light!!!
~ Daisy

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Kim said...

How Funny! Wonder what really goes on in those little puppy heads of theirs?