Wednesday, March 25, 2009

sssshhhhh baby's sleeping

Wow, I've managed to get Sweet Pea to take naps in my bed for the past couple of days. AND last night I put her to bed in my bed when the kids went to bed. Wow, that was nice! I was able to come downstairs and dust the living room and get some things done before I wanted to head upstairs to read. I'm going to continue this trend. It is nice to get a real break! I just got up from taking a nap with her, only she's still up there sleeping.

Speaking of sleep, I barely got any again last night. I was up coughing as I was stuffed and up had some drainage issues. Booty Shaker had me up a couple of times. Then with SP still having a hard time breathing. Oh yea, Sherry, we do use those Saline drops but they honestly don't do much for her! I even have us sleeping 'slanted' on my pillows!

We breezed through school again today. I love it (and I know the kids do too). Chatterbox even commented to her brother how public school kids were still in school! I should really take advantage of the extra time and do extra work for when the days are nice and we went to play but with Zach gone this week I really need the time 'off'. Not like I've taken much time 'off' when I've been cleaning so much! I just have to clean the bathrooms and kids rooms. Hoping to do the bathrooms today sometime and get to the kids rooms at some point.

Yesterday we ate dinner at Fazoli's. It was our first time there and it was REALLY good! Today Happy Meals at McD's are super cheap so we took advantage of that! Got home and the kids had NO fries in any of their meals! I was a bit floored, wondering if they'd cut back on their meals. So, I got my receipt out and called. The lady was real nice and apologetic and I am able to get 3 free Happy Meals. So, we'll have our fill of McD's today (although I don't' think I'll get it again, I'll just eat something at home). I normally never call about things like that but I was really surprised- I had french fries but not the kids. So glad I called. Oh and I have a feeling when Zach's gone so often this spring/summer I'll be taking advantage of all these cheap kids days at places!

There was a man and woman standing by the edge of the McDonald's parking lot. It's a busy area. There are two gas stations you have access to as well as an entrance to Wal-Mart. I thought at first this couple was looking to walk across the street but then I saw the guy holding a cardboard sign that said they needed money for gas. You know, that just really irritates me. You are sandwiched between not one but TWO gas stations!!! How on earth did you get to this spot (there was no car RIGHT there), where's your car, where did you get the marker for your sign and your cardboard? You mean you can't put a couple of gallons in your car to take you home (or somewhere)? This was the first time I'd seen anyone in our town 'begging'. They didn't look like the normal 'beggars' either but I guess they come in all forms. It is so hard to find a balance with these types of people. I know we're supposed to help the poor and have compassion but sometimes its so oxymoron-ish to beg for money in such places! What do you think?

Oh yeah, and I've only been having like one or two comments each post (thanks Kim for your faithful commenting). Seriously, is she the only one reading my blog, besides the rare commenter? Just curious.


Kim said...

It's so nice when you can get kids to bed and able to do your chores w/ out interruption. Besides the peace and quietness is always nice. Hope getting SP to sleep like that continues to work. It's so much easier. That stinks when you don't get all your food when you order and pay for it. I usually check it when I leave the drive thru. It's nice to eat at restaurant that have kids days. Makes it alot cheaper, it can get so expensive especially w/ a big family. I often see beggars too and think that they just need money for drugs or something and they try to play off the poor me thing. Horrible to think that, but it does cross my mind. About commenting, you kill my boredom so I read it

WildCAT said...

No! I'm a faithful reader! =) I just don't always comment because I can't usually type anything without someone reading over my shoulder or someone else smacking the keyboard while I type!!

Sherry said...

I'm one of those faithful readers/rare commenters ~ sorry:) About the beggars ~ I always feel sorry for them when I see them in a city but I watched a show, (like Dateline or some other news type) and it was about a guy who lived in a nicer house than I do. He got up every morning and went to "work" begging, made his daily deposit at the bank on his way home, and he was making decent money doing it! I know some of the people really do need it, but this guy "dressed down" and really did look needy so it's hard to tell who needs it and who doesn't. Thankfully we don't have that around here but if I see them in a city I now just ignore them ~ not sure if that's the right thing to do though....
Sherry S.

Darlene said...

No beggars are getting my money! And I don't actually know if I would call that a job.