Saturday, March 21, 2009

super saturday

Sweet Pea is still under the weather. She hasn't had a fever for over 12 hours now but she's got a lot of snot. I have suctioned so much of that junk! It's nasty! She does seem a bit better though. Thankfully she's still nursing pretty well, even though its a bit hard to do so. I woke up this morning a bit sore and really should pump.

Chatterbox said her throat hurts and she's stuffy. But I know sometimes when I wake up I'm that way. Apparently she was up in the middle of the night though and her throat hurt. So something is going around our house. Just in time for Zach to go out of town...

He leaves tomorrow for Alabama. I wish I was the one getting on a plane and going south to warmer temps. He hates to fly. I love it. I am trying to not be jealous of all the flying he'll be doing this year!

Speaking of Zach, he ran out to Redbox before 9 am this morning and got me a copy of Twilight. I didn't even ask him. He says hes not going to watch it but he seems more excited than me that its out! So we'll see if he watches it! I almost don't want to watch it because I know movies are never as good as the book. And I have these characters pictured in my head the way I picture Hollywood will have their pictures stuck in my head for the remainder of the books (I'm in the middle of the third one now).

Booty Shaker has FINALLY broken his habit of peeing his pants at night! He's only 4 1/2! This boy has the smallest bladder and is always going potty...but at last he's wearing underwear to bed and staying dry (besides one night).

Thursday it took Junior Squirrel 3 hours to do a math page and math test! He was still doing school after 4 pm! Yesterday he did much better but I had to sit there with him 'holding his hand' so to speak. I don't know what it is but my kids do not like Math-U-See's Alpha. They liked Primer and Beta but there's something about Alpha. I hate that last year he loved math and this year he grumbles about it. Hopefully when he moves on to Beta next year his love for it will return.

My calendar is filling up. Between chiropractor appointments twice a week and field trips it seems like there's no room for anything else! Not like I have many field trips planned but there are some weeks that are just filled up. May will be fun- I'm taking CB to a Little House on the Prairie play and we're going on a field trip to a farm. I keep meaning to plan 'park days' but with the weather still uncertain (after living in the south for so long sometimes its still cold to me out there) I'm not sure what to plan!

I can't wait to start hitting garage sales. I guess the town we live in has awesome ones. If only I had money I'd be out there this morning! Well, I need to run to the library and grocery store today. Guess I should get ready for the day here soon and get those trips over with.


Kim said...

Glad to hear SP's fever has subsided. That's good BS isn't wetting the bed anymore.I still have problems with Jarrett. He pees and doesn't tell me till I find wet underwear. Very disgusting. He doesn't do it every night, but he's 6, he needs to stop peeing the bed. That was thoughtful of Zach to get you the movie.

WildCAT said...

Are there garage sales going on down there already?? I need to get moved down there! You do live in a GREAT garage sale city!

I'm with you on struggling through Alpha...I just ordered the Beta book and it looks better--I'm ready to move on!