Wednesday, March 04, 2009

i'm falling apart

Today I went back to the chiropractor to get the results of my x-ray. I really didn't know what to expect. Certainly not what I was told! I am curved all 'wrong' (I don't know all the correct terminology) up by my, you should have seen it! He said normally you don't see something like that unless somebody's had a fall or been in an accident. Immediately I remembered my accident about a year ago when I was hit from the left side (drivers side). That could totally be it. Also there were some other issues more toward the bottom of my backbone. So he'd like me to get treatments at least twice a week! He is so nice and willing to work out a 'payment plan' (its a Christian place). I hesitated for a bit wondering how we'd afford it all but also I just jumped in knowing that I need this done in order for my body to be 'normal'. I'm not that old and I don't want my bones going ka-put already! I need to remember to take care of myself! With that said I won't begin getting these treatments until after our Dallas trip. We're supposed to leave Sunday or Monday. I admit that I'm having a HARD time finding 'puppy care' so I am at a loss right now. I'd prefer Daisy not to be kenneled being such a young pup but we'll see what happens.


Kim said...

Wow That sounds really bad. Bet your glad you went. My mom fell once when she broke her ankle then started having back problems. She went to some therapy. Will the insurance cover that? It's not like your going just for pleasure, you need medical attention. Did you think about taking Daisy with you. MOst hotels allow dogs, if your staying in a hotel. We take Max with us. It's just cheaper and he's not so bad when we do either.

Jamie said...

No I don't think Tricare covers it...bummer. Well, we have to stay at a certain hotel (a Marriott) and they have a no-pet policy on their website so I'm not sure we'd be in luck...I guess I could always call but I doubt they'd allow it- looks quite fancy from the pictures online!

DDK23 said...

To bad about Daisy. If we lived closer or on the way I would watch her in a heartbeat.
Hey I saw a website a while back that sets people up to watch military personnel's dogs. I remember looking it up because we are near an air base and would be happy to help a military family with their dog. I can't remember the site now....aaacck! I will look into it, there may be a nice family willing to help out.