Saturday, March 28, 2009

sleepy saturday

Zach is home. Last night I took Chatterbox to a birthday party and when I picked her up I rented a Wii game. I got Carnival Games. So we put the kids to bed and tried all the games. Some were hard! Some were fun. I want to play again!

You'd have think I would have slept good last night but not the case. Sweet Pea was up quite a bit for some reason. Then she decided to awake a little after 7. Normally the dog starts whining about 7 but even she wasn't whining. So much for being able to sleep until 8. I asked Zach to bring the baby down when he got up and just lay in my warm bed for awhile. Especially when I heard CB exclaim, "It's SNOWING!" Ugh, are you kidding me? Thankfully it is not sticking but it must be pretty cold out there.

We're having company for dinner tonight. I'm excited. It seems like its been awhile since we've had somebody over. I have the meat sauce cooking now so I won't have to do it all later. I managed to go grocery shopping last night but need to run to Wal-mart today to get a few things that are much cheaper than your local grocery store!

Oh, I have to post about my mom. She's at a Women's Conference for church this weekend. She called me all excited yesterday because she met Amy Roloff from Little People, Big World. I haven't ever watched that show but my mom watches it. She must have been really excited because she said she hugged her and told her she watches her and loves her! lol I think she got her autograph and pictures with her too. I am hoping that she did the same with Kirk Cameron, who is also there speaking. Let me tell you that I am trying to not be envious of her. As a kid I had the biggest crush on that guy! I'm glad she was able to go to this. It sounds like she's having a great time with the two ladies she went with.

Alrighty, well I need to take care of the meat sauce and try to hop in the shower. Have a great weekend!


Kim said...

Glad to hear Zach made it back. Kids have bulit in alarm clocks. I found I have one too. I wanted to sleep in so bad today too but woke up at 8 just like I do when the kids have school. What are you making for your dinner guest? Hope you enjoy your company and fellowship time. I have'nt had any one over for dinner since you lived here. Geez that's a long time ago. How exciting your mom got to meet Amy. I haven't watched the show but heard about it. Sounds like she is really enjoying herself.

I am OK said...

Hey - so glad Zach is back - and that you guys get to have a "dinner party" tonight. I hope it goes well.

I'd be jelous of your mom in a heartbeat - I love the Rolof's and Kirk - they are showing his new movie on base for free on Monday - I hope we get to go.

Also the house is at it makes it look a little better than it really is, but it is still nice.

Choppzs said...

I love Little People Big World!!! I watch that and John and Kate plus 8. lol She must have been excited. I remember crushing on Kirk Cameron too on Growing Pains.

Darlene said...

Yes, Amy and Kirk were very good speakers. I didn't get Kirk's autograph but my friend took pictures of just him. That will have to do. I like Jon & Kate Plus 8 and quess what ladies? Kate is the speaker at next years Womens Conference along with Michele Duggar (spelling?) from 18 & Counting. I will be going to that for sure with the same ladies and hopefully we can get more to come along. We enjoyed ourselves. Thanks J. for letting me use your blog to share! love you. Mom