Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am so tired. Off and on tired. It comes in waves. We got home a bit after noon today. It felt good to get home early. Most of the laundry is already washed and I'm all unpacked! I just can't stand to leave it sit around. If you know me you know I can't relax until everything is put away! So now I get to relax. I've been playing the Wii a little bit, reading and playing with the baby. She is so happy to be home. She's been rolling around on the floor like crazy!

The kids were thrilled for Daisy to come home! Thank you to the Fisher's for watching our puppy! Daisy had fun playing with the kids and is now sleeping at my feet.

Chatterbox's little friend delivered our Girl Scout cookies. Yum! Apparently its Spring Break here this week. We had ours this past week, although I don't think we'll be doing school on Monday as we have too much going on that day.

Booty Shaker is feeling better at the moment. That comes and goes too. He barely ate breakfast and just has that sick look about him. Poor kid. So I'm not sure if we'll make it to church tomorrow or not. Let's hope everybody's better!

We got Chinese takeout for dinner. I think its our tradition! It seems since we've lived here and gone on a trip when we come home that's what we do! I LOVE it! Sweet & sour chicken, crab ragoons and veggie rice...yum!


Kim said...

Glad to see you all made it home safe. I bet the puppy was glad to see everyone. Chinese sounds good. Hope you all get a good nights rest.

AmazingGraceTX said...

Whenever we return to Texas after a trip, our first meal is Taco Cabana!!