Monday, March 09, 2009

we're in texas

We FINALLY made it to Dallas. Unbelievable how long that seemed to take! I am worn right out. I was so excited to come and stay at this 'fancy' hotel but now that I'm here I miss my 'comfort' of middle-class living! This place charges for breakfast- like $12! They charge $13 a day if you want WiFi in your room. So, we bought cereal and I'm sitting in the lobby area getting my daily internet fix. It is disgusting how they try to eat money out of you! Gosh, even the alarm clock has a place to stick your Ipod! Craziness! I haven't seen any other children here...definitely a 'business' hotel. I just saw some airline pilots walk by. It is unreal...I feel so out of my element! I loved the Hampton Inn we stayed at on the way down- it was nice, the bed was awesome and it was cheap.

Today since we got here at a decent time we went to Ripley's Believe It or Not & the Museum of Wax. It was SO cool! The kids were scared in parents of the Wax Museum, especially Booty Shaker. I admit even I jumped a few times. BS was so scared when we left that section he had to use the bathroom! I'm still LOLing about it! I got some great pictures that I can't wait to share with you.

Tomorrow I'll probably just hang out here, at least until Zach's done for the day. The thought of sitting in the car again does appeal to me, even if it is down the road. I do want to shop though, there's some awesome shopping around here. It's such a 'ritzy' looking area.

We stopped in Oklahoma City and I got to visit with a friend from college! I hadn't seen her in like 11 years! That was neat! Our families went go-karting and then ate dinner at Cracker Barrel together. It was awesome to see her again!

Other than that I can't remember what else to blog about. I know there's blog-worthy material I just can't think of what. I need to get back upstairs. Like I said I feel out of my element...I am down here in my sweats with Sweet Pea sleeping on me in the Ergo. I've had a guy (turns out he's with the ROTC thing like Zach) talking to me about his son while he looks on at SP. Talk about feeling weirded's not like guys come up talking to me especially about kids!

I hope to update again soon. Meanwhile pray that I somehow 'live it up' like the upper class! Ha! I can't wait to catch up with y'all soon!


Kim said...

Wow sound so upper class. I know we stayed at a hotel in Bismarck when we went with Jess, it didn't seem to classy but was nice. They didn't have a free continental breakfast either. You had to order off their menu. The prices were ridiculous.How cool you got to meet up with an old friend. SOunds like you all had fun. Oh I cna't wait to see some of your pics. I think I would be scared to seeing that wax museum. I watched that movie house of wax and was scared. They look so creepy. HAve fun exploring Dallas. Don't get lost in that big city while your driving. I'm horrible with directions, I guarantee I would be lost.

PBJCJ said...

Fancy digs, Jamie! LOL..I know what you mean though. I wouldnt feel comfortable either, especially w/ my crazy kiddos. I hope you enjoy your time in Dallas though! Its a great city to explore and have an adventure in. Cant wait to see pictures:)