Tuesday, March 24, 2009

makin' it

Ok, so Sunday was just awful but today and yesterday haven't been so bad. Yesterday we had a productive day in school. I even spring cleaned my bedroom and part of my bathroom. I'm hoping to try to tackle the kitchen here in a bit...at least somewhat. I've got to mop this floor- it just feels so nasty to me!

I have been having sleepless nights. Sunday night Booty Shaker peed his bed so I was up in the middle of the night dealing with that! Last night I was up a lot with Sweet Pea because she's still so congested and was having a hard time breathing. I was also up with the wind and rain. Then I noticed the boy's nightlight wasn't on so I got up to check that out. BS heard me and I put him potty and he ended up in my bed again! I was having weird dreams last night (probably from reading Eclipse) and just didn't get much sleep at all! I am functioning quite well today though, but I prayed that I would!

We finished school before lunch today! That seems like it hasn't happened in awhile! The kids are playing Wii and I finished my book. Later I'm going to go get the last one from the library and take the kids out for dinner. Apparently Fazoli's has $.99 kid meals on Tuesday. I've never been to Fazoli's but it sounds good today. The weather is still yucky out there, but I just feel like I gotta get out of the house.

Speaking of yucky weather, it looks like we may get some snow tonight. You have got to be kidding me! The grass is already turning green! Good thing I didn't put away our winter clothes, although I did throw them all in the basement.

Sweet Pea threw up last night and today, I think from all the junk in her throat. At first I was able to suction tons of snot out. Now its like its stuck. She even has a hard time nursing. I feel bad for her. Last night she fell asleep on my bed way before bedtime. She slept there for over an hour and I got so much done! It was wonderful!

Ok, off to clean up from lunch and hopefully get my kitchen somewhat cleaned.


Kim said...

I know what you mean about sleepless nights. Although I'm sure you have more than I do with a baby. We're battling colds here too.I think I came down with something now. Won't it be nice when winter is finally gone and no more snow?

Sherry said...

Hi Jamie,

It's hard when the little ones are sick. Have you ever tried Saline drops with Sweet Pea? I know when one of Darci's girls was small, that's what the Pediatrician had her do. Maybe you could ask your doctor about it ~ it works wonders for us! Hope everone feels better!
Sherry S.

Becca said...

So are ya liking spring in Iowa? I'll bet it takes some getting used to after so many years in the south. Sounds as tho you're hanging in there with Zach gone....it's tough when you have no break at all. :)