Monday, March 30, 2009

can't fall now...

Now guess who's sick? Yep, ME. Ugh! As if I have time to be sick. It seems like every year at this time of year I get sick. I sound horrible and can barely talk. I'd had a scratchy sore throat off and on for days and I guess finally it all caught up with me! Doesn't help that I had sick kids breathing in my face and wasn't getting any sleep.

Sweet Pea hasn't really been sleeping too well lately. She's feeling better though she does have some congestion at night. I feel like she's always waking up! I just want a good night of sleep!

We had a great time with our company Saturday night. The kids all got along great and had fun and us adults did too. We played Bible Trivia and Catch Phrase. I stunk at Bible Trivia and the guys kicked us gals' behinds in the other game. Well, it was close actually but they won. I really enjoyed the fellowship we had that night! I need to get back into having people over for dinner and fellowship.

Yesterday we heard a great sermon at church. It was about the friends who carried their friend to Jesus on a mat and lowered him through the roof. WE need to be those types of friends- the kind who will be there at 3 am for those who may need us. It is rare to find people like this in our world today. Everybody's so caught up in themselves and their own lives that if you feel you have a need you even hate to impose on them because you just don't know. Especially if you've been 'burned' in the past. I had a '3 am' experience (probably more than one but this one sticks out) and I really needed somebody to come and sit with my kids. I couldn't get a hold of anybody who lived relatively close to me and the one person I called 'just put her son for a nap'. That hurt. I honestly NEEDED somebody at that time (it could have been a matter of life or death...not suicide either). On the other hand in that same experience I was surrounded by people to be there through it all. I pray that I will always be a 'stretcher bearer' to those who need it and not get too caught up in my own affairs (no, not marital affairs)!

Today we had a field trip to Hy-vee. It is a grocery store, quite a big one in these parts. I have to admit that the store seems pretty neat. I hadn't even been there for probably a good 6 months that we lived here. I heard their prices were high and that Fareway was better so I just avoided it. But I heard they had Chinese food and I just wanted to see what it was all about. I know, its a grocery store so why get excited over it? I guess that's what happens when you're cooped up all day with 4 kids!!! I was surprised the first time I was in there. It was huge. I'm telling you they had everything. Medicine, a whole foods section, paper goods, books, toys, baby items, deli, bakery, meat department. They also had a photo, floral shop, Starbucks AND they have a place to eat in there!!! You can get Italian, Chinese or some other type of food (I forget what). They've even got a salad bar! I'd seen all this before the one or two times i was in there but it was neat to get a behind-the-scenes look at it all. The kids really liked the cooler and freezer.

Afterward the group was going to Godfather's for pizza. I didn't intend on going but boy after walking around a GROCERY store I was hungry! I thought maybe I'd get to know some of the other homeschooling mother's better. But, I sat at my own table with the younger three kids while Chatterbox sat with some girls. I was reminded of the first time I went to one of their meetings and NOBODY talked to me! I had hoped they'd have put some tables together for moms to sit together and then kids. For me it was confirmation to not join this group next year. Honestly, I don't ever remember a person sitting alone at any of our functions in MS. Our HS groups down there were so friendly- I STILL remember my first meeting at each of the groups in MS and that was over 4 years ago! I did eventually go and sit by a lady I know and talk to her a bit, but only about how I'm putting together a park day open to all homeschoolers.

This being said, my friend Sadie and I have talked about starting our own group with a select number of people we know. And I think we'll do it. I've already got a date set up for our first 'park day' (open to anybody though) as I really miss park days. I guess the groups here are too large and everybody's got their little cliques. Which is fine I guess. I have made some friends here in my area and I'm comfortable with that and with seeing what happens with our group we may begin. At least I won't have to sit alone! (I can't remember if anybody from said group reads my blog but if so please don't be offended by what I've written, it is just my 'take' on it all and my experience).

I've had so many blogging ideas lately but this is quite lengthy so I better save them for another time (if I remember them).


Choppzs said...

I am sorry to hear you are sick. Everyone here is sick once again too! Especially the boys. Poor kids, it's non-stop for them. I am starting to think it's allergies of some sort. I hope you get better soon!

Kim said...

Hope you feel better. The field trip sounded fun. I am really sadden that there is not that many friendly people in your group. You think they would reach out to you being new and everything. if I was there, you wouldn't be lonely :)

Anonymous said...

I will never understand why HS groups are that way. When we first moved to MS the group there was like that. We went early to a meeting and noone spoke to us the whole night - it was weird! But the next year there had been a turnover in the people and it was totally different - then I started Park Day and it was really great.
Hope you feel better,