Tuesday, March 17, 2009

spring fever

Wow, it has been gorgeous here lately! I LOVE it! Here's what we've been up to...

  • Yesterday we went to a Mad Science demonstration. It was neat. I know Chatterbox enjoyed it, I think Junior Squirrel did and I'm uncertain about whether Booty Shaker did.
  • I began my chiropractor sessions yesterday also. Such a weird thing but oh so worth it!
  • It was so nice out that I let the kids play outside and then cleaned the inside of the Suburban once we got home. It took over 2 hours with all the interruptions! Sweet Pea was rather fussy.
  • Being that Spring Break is this week Zach gets off of work early. It was nice that he was here to help with SP so I could clean it out.
  • We have a great vet. I was so worn out and dinner was late because of all of the above. So I was able to reschedule Daisy's vet appointment from last night to this morning.
  • That was the first thing on the agenda this morning. Before we left I'd managed to fold and put away laundry and I even made my bed! I have the windows open upstairs! It was really hot up there last night!
  • After the vet I came home and threw together a lunch for the kids and I. We headed to the park where we met up with friends. What a fun way to spend the afternoon! If only it weren't so windy...there were some moments that I was cold!
  • I think since Daisy was away and confined to a smaller space that she is potty trained. I'm not really sure she's had an accident since we've been back. Maybe one or two. I love it! I'm sorry, I can't remember if I mentioned this before or not.
  • I got my Kraft Food & Family magazine in the mail today. Yum, everything looks so good! If you don't get it you should check it out and subscribe- its free!
  • I have pictures on my computer from our trip but when I was trying to make a slideshow of them it was cutting parts of them off. So that's why I haven't shared them here yet...they are on facebook though. Maybe I'll just upload them in web albums...either way I'll let you know and try to get to it soon!


Amie said...

It's so nice to see Spring!

Kim said...

We've been enjoying warmer temps too, not like yours probably. How nice to be able to go to the park. I can't wait ti be able to do things outside.

Sherry said...

Jamie, How long have you been getting the Kraft Food & Family magazine? I've been getting it for a long time but the one that came today, came with a bill. It's only $5.99, but I don't ever remember paying for this magazine before. I really don't use it so am going to let it go, but thought I'd give you a heads up that you might be getting a bill also.
Sherry S.