Sunday, March 22, 2009

all alone

Zach's gone to Alabama & Mississippi for the week so we're all alone. It is so funny how Chatterbox cries every time we drop him off at the airport. I'm not sad in the least and yet she cries and is so sad when he goes. She's fine now, but as soon as she says good-bye the tears fall! And wouldn't you know it I get home and it seems like all you-know-what breaks loose. After lunch I had to send the kids to their beds because they just wouldn't listen and were so hyper. They want to play Wii and I suppose it would keep them from getting into trouble but they need to learn to find other things to do too! So right now CB is playing with the puppy and the boys are playing Legos. In a bit I'm going to go and read with them or something and then maybe allow them to play Wii. Here Zach & I thought his flight took off at like 8:45 this morning and I was a bit disgruntled that I'd have to get up so early to take him, but it turns out he didn't leave until 1:15. Much more manageable! I didn't want to drag the kids out of bed real early, especially when they're still a bit under the weather.

Last night we watched Twilight. The kids brought their blankets down and just plopped down expecting to watch it with me. I didn't really mind, but we were all up until about 10 watching it! It was really good, though not as good as the book! If you've seen the movie but not read the book go and READ THE BOOK!!! They're SO good. I need to finish Eclipse so I can be ready for the 4th one when the library calls and says its in.

Shoot, I thought the kids were hyper...Daisy is running around the house like she's possessed! It is really funny but boy does she need to settle down!!!

Sweet Pea is feeling much better. Still a bit congested and snotty but not at all like she was! She's still a bit clingy but when isn't she? Right now she's on her belly on the floor. She can't stay on her back anymore but she gets mad on her belly. Stinker! STILL no teeth and she'll be 7 months in a few days.

Well, I'm off to spend some time with my kiddos and not in front of the computer!

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Kim said...

My kids are the same way. As soon as Daddy leaves they go insane. I can't stand all the running around and yelling. What did he have to leave for this time? Maybe you mentioned it before but I might of forgot. Well hopefully the kids will settle down for you and the week will fly by. I am really wanting to run to town to buy the books now. I just watched that movie for the second time. Will they make a movie after each book do you know? I sure hope so.