Wednesday, February 25, 2009

real quick

Yesterday we didn't do school. I went up to Ames, met Zach for lunch and then met my friend Janis & her brood of young'uns at BK so our kiddos could play. Then I went to the consignment store up there and found a few things, picked up my old items and dropped off a bin. It was nice to take a break from school. Well, I say we didn't do school but boy as I was getting ready there were my children working independently on school! They kept wanting me to check their work but I refused- I wanted a break! The weather was decent yesterday and its even nicer today!

I thought American Idol would be on last night but was mistaken so I was able to call Dell. I was probably on the phone for less than 15 minutes! Today UPS is supposed to pick up the laptop. I am so relieved. Now, to look for another like it (only not a Dell). I am hoping they didn't try to come by when I was out.

I had a dentist appointment this morning. I was really worried because I hadn't been to the dentist since like last March. I was certain I'd had a cavity but all was good! Yeah! Then I had to run to Wal-mart to get a few items. I walked away with way more than I intended. Got Sweet Pea some baby food. She didn't think too much of bananas! At least not yet! My baby is 6 MONTHS OLD TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How is that possible???????? Time FLIES my friends! It is so fun to see her grow but at the same time I hate that she's getting so big so fast. I want her to stay small forever!!!


Kim said...

I bet your glad you got the laptop taking care of. It sounds like you got a bunch of things accomplished today. I can't believe SP is 6 months already. Seems like you just had.

DDK23 said...

I can't believe Sweet Pea is 6 months old either! I want to freeze my two guys at this age right now. One is babyish and cuddly, and other is walking, talking and funny! But it's so neat to hear about your older ones doing school on their own, that is so cool!

Anonymous said...

Thank you - that reminds me to slow down and enjoy this time.
I have taken to long a break from school. We are at about 25% now and need to bump it up because when it gets warm I am out of the school room until the first snow!

Becca said...

Starting on food too, huh? I get so lazy about it! Especially hen she doesn't seem to care. Oh BTW, I haven't bought bananas in a jar in years...I just mash fresh...better tasting and cheaper. I've done cooked squash and sweet potatoes too and big jars of unseetened applesauce that the big kids eat as well. I also have done blended canned (unsalted) peas and beans but actually prefer baby food for those...less waste. But you probably already do some of this too.

Becca said...

'when' not 'hen'....and 'unsWeetened'....sheesh! :)