Friday, February 06, 2009

i want to go

I want to go back to bed! I wish this day never began. I am in so much pain. I've got a headache on top of it all. Yesterday Junior Squirrel was TERRIBLE, especially at our playdate (they only have girls but we brought his game for him to play & he was just not satisfied even when he asked if they had Lego's and she pulled some out for him). Today he isn't acting much better. His behavior stinks!!! And today I don't feel good to be dealing with it. So I just yell, and I hate that. I'm in the worst mood and I'm sick of my kids! I know that's horrible to say but that's how the day is...well gotta go wipe a poopy butt.


Kim said...

Oh boy I'm sorry you're having a bad day. Hopefully when Zach comes home you might be able to go get some rest. Hope the day gets better for you :)

Amie said...

I hope your headache and back feel better soon. Its so hard to focus on anything when your in pain.

DDK23 said...

Sounds like my Thursday. It was just horrible. Manu was in a bad mood all day, which put me in a bad mood because I had to constantly comfort him. Daniel tried to help by constantly yelling at Manu, which just made everything worse.
Hope today is better for you! Bad days happen.