Friday, October 24, 2008

From Royalty to Greek Actors

*****Stupid, stupid blogger...when I viewed my post earlier all of the pictures idea why they aren't now...I will fix it...I hate when that happens!

Here is Queen Sweet Pea! The kids made crowns today (we learned about Queen Esther this week) and wanted to share with the baby!

Booty Shaker wouldn't get in the picture...guess he didn't feel royal enough!

This is me make-up and just 'bumming it' at home...definitely shouldn't be hanging out with royalty!

In history we talked about 'The Golden Age of Athens'. No, these aren't Halloween masks they are Greek theater masks the kids had a lot of fun making. They think they'll scare daddy when he comes home!

Not too difficult to tell who's who!I just realized that this actor looks like a watermelon!

We haven't done our timeline yet, but after that I think our school week is done. I believe this was week 6 of school. Hard to believe that much time has gone by! Broccoli cheese soup is on the dinner menu...perfect what with the chilly weather we're having!


DDK23 said...

aww how cute. I love how the kids wanted to include her. She is going to be spoiled in such a good way. Spoiled with love from her siblings:-)

Kim said...

How cute!Looks like they are always havoing fun at school.

Amie said...

Looks like they have been having fun! Love all the pics you have posted recently.